KEVIN KRAUTER shares new single, “Pretty Boy”, out on Bayonet Records

June 25, 2019
 Michael Newsted


Shares new single, “Pretty Boy”

Debut album, Toss Up out now on Bayonet Records

Kevin Krauter shares “Pretty Boy,” his first taste of new music since 2018’s Toss Up, via Bayonet Records. “This song is a product of teaching myself a new way to play my guitar and learning new ways to express feeling through my instrument,” says Kevin. “I would sit and play this song on guitar for hours and hours before I wrote any words or melodies, just existing in it and meditating almost. Around the same time, I was undergoing a pretty major shift in perspective, and I began to find a lot of unexpected love and confidence in myself. The lyrics reflect those ideas.

Kevin is currently in the studio working on a new album. Next month, he will tour with Soccer Mommy throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Tickets are available here. More Autumn shows will be announced soon.

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