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Elliah Heifetz shares new single, “I’m Over Now”

April 22, 2019

Songwriter Elliah Heifetz is sharing a new single, “I’m Over Now.”

The track premiered in a piece with Atwood Magazine who said, “Full of rich harmony and release, ‘I’m Over Now’ is a poignant, inspired soundtrack for change and new beginnings, inviting tomorrow to take over for today.”

Heifetz further details; “The end of summer 2017 was really long (I remember it was warm way into November.) The first truly cold day, I took a walk into Ridgewood, Queens, and I remember thinking, ‘It feels like the time of the year, for a change.’ That became the first line of this song, and actually the rest of the tune mostly happened on a voice memo as I walked back home. Even though the season change meant there’d be no more warm weather for a while, I was glad. It needed to happen, it was bound to happen, and it was getting weird that it hadn’t yet. It’s the same thing with heartbreak. When moving on takes a long time, it can be suffocating. So when you finally do, it might be sad, you might realize it was all your fault—but you’re glad all the same.”

Elliah Heifetz 


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