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Chris Rehm

January 19, 2011
 Anyone into their music bursting at its experimental seams will dig Chris Rehm. 
Photo belongs to Chris Rehm

If you haven’t heard of this creative genius now is the time for redemption.

 I started recording on cassette tapes when i was in 5th grade or so, my parents bought me Pro Tracks (shitty version of Pro Tools) when i was in 7th grade and I’ve been recording digitally ever since. I dabbled with Fruity Loops throughout high school, recorded numerous songs unreleased until 2009 when i decided to start releasing a handful of these “lost” tracks for free on Bandcamp under the album title, “04-07 Mixtape”. During high school, I made two pop albums under two names: Afrodisiac (“I Am The Hot Potato…I Hope You Work Out”) and Afrodisiaction (“What Had Happened Was”). I’ve been writing and recording a lot since i’ve been in college, releasing once acoustic EP and two ambient albums since my arrival. It is Mid October as I sit and write this and I am close to being finished with another album. I go to school in New Orleans and visit Houston from time to time (where I was born and raised).

I currently play in Riff Tiffs, Caddywhompus, Llum Llum, and Sun Hotel and I used to play drums in Rise Over Ruin (currently disbanded). 

Today saw the release of Worries, etc. Which is streaming below via Chris’ bandcamp

I started recording this album before I knew I was recording it: in the summer of 2008. I recorded a guitar loop (the backbone of the first three tracks) and since then, I’ve been adding to and augmenting the recording. Much of the album is inspired by finite relationships, family and friends, the drive between Houston and New Orleans, timelines, and falling behind. This is my seventh solo release (save a live album and a mixtape of collected songs from my childhood) since 2007.

 You can download this album for free via Chinquapin records with the link below, or get more goodies by donating.

If you are into this, be sure to go back to Chris Rehms bandcamp and you can download previous releases including a favourite Salivary Stones for free or name your price.

 Want to know more on Chris? Follow him via his facebook HERE.

We can also exclusively say an interview and feature with Chris will be happening soon….

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