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Old Swing Release New Single “In My Head” | Interview Release Special

March 2, 2019

Old Swing have thrown themselves into the new year with yet more incredible new music. The band have been rapidly gaining momentum with each new release and each show, their fan base is commendable. Old Swing are known to Circuit Sweet via their involvement with Cassette Store Day– both 2017 and 2018 we’ve been thrilled to house their CSD releases in collaboration with Obi Records– in our online store.

The talented trio are an emotive act with a unique style and sound that moves between ambient, guitar-driven soundscapes to hook-filled chorus vocals. They project their influences to create something truly notable. Following on from the success of previous singles ‘Time’ (featured on BBC Introducing, Radio X and Amazing Radio) and a string of sold out UK shows, in 2018 the three-piece unveiled ‘Wonder’ which highlighted the indie-pop trio at their most infectious.

In February of this year the band released their standout new single “In My Head”; the track was mixed and mastered by Sam Winfield (Fickle Friends, Amber Run) at Studio 9. Old Swing continuously deliver, following the new release being unveiled we spent some time chatting to Lewis – Old Swing Vocalist- to find out more about Old Swing‘s craftsmanship, inspiration, single releases and more…...

Before we get to the details of the forthcoming new release and that new track you’ve just teased us with, we want to get to know more on you- Introduce yourselves, your band and how long have you been creating/performing live?

Hey! I’m Lewis, the vocalist of Old Swing. We’ve been making music together for 2 years now.

What’s the story behind the formation of  Old Swing and where did the name come from? 

We were really struggling to decide on a name originally, I mentioned a story to a friend about being sat on an old swing outside at a party that really stuck with me, so we thought it would be unique enough to use. 

You’ve perfected your own unique Old Swing sound but how would you all describe what that sound is? 

I’d say it’s very inspired by the production used on a lot of eighties pop records, I’m a huge Prince fan, that definitely plays into the sound. 

The new single “In My Head” was unveiled a few days ago and what a highly anticipated release that was. Describe your writing/recording process and how you’ve managed to get to this standout effort?

The track has been played for quite a while now, we received really good feedback so we jumped in the studio to record it as soon as we possibly could. The track was recorded in bedrooms and then sent to our producer/engineer Sam Winfield at Studio 91, he worked on our last two releases and always works his magic.

What do you think the new release captures?

For me, the track is a diversion from the standard ‘heartbreak’ narrative. I wanted to convey the pure frustration you can feel when in the process of getting over someone. Hence the huge amount of repetition in the track towards the end. 

Are you supporting the release with any live shows? (If not do you have any planned)

We’re playing at Two Tribes Brewery in London at Tileyard Studios with Big Indie Records on 6th March, we’re also playing The Joiners in Southampton on 11th and The Social in London on 29th March. 

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

I think we all love playing ‘Time’ the most. It was our first release and definitely our most ‘energetic’ track!

Tell us how you got involved with both Segue Music Group and Obi Records?

Both companies are close friends of ours and have been for years before the band started, it was really awesome to get involved with the Obi Records guys as they have supported the band since the first rehearsal.

Last 2 years you’ve been involved with Cassette Store Day with Obi Records, we’ve been thrilled to house those 2 releases in our shop. Why is this format important to you?

We love cassettes! The guys at Obi Records suggested it, and with our whole eighties influence it was a no brainer really, they are great items to own physically and everyone seems to like them. It’s awesome to see more bands get behind them as merchandise. 

Can we look forward to any more releases soon both digital and physical?

For sure! We’re working on hard on the next single and EP, lots of exciting stuff will be happening the summer! 

And Finally any last words?

A huge thanks to the guys at Circuit Sweet for always supporting us guys! We love ya.

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