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Nozstock: The Hidden Valley- Line up Special : Sean Grant and The WolfGang

May 20, 2015


It’s almost time for that must needed weekend of mud, music, comedy, galaxies and all things Nozstock. From Friday 24th – Sunday 26 July , Bromyard’s Rowden Paddocks Farm will reopen it’s quintessential grounds after another hard working year of constant organizing, planning, booking, promoting and building for their 17th annual Nozstock festival.

Sticking to their rural and local roots, the 3 day festival is set to welcome the right balance of local and national talent, provided by the family run team behind the event they effortlessly unite festival goers from across the country. When you’ve experienced Noz you realize why this is such a cherished event with its own unique amalgamated community.

Having already announced an outstanding line-up which features Wu Tang Clan, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Fuse ODG, Neville Staple Band, Beardyman, Hollie Cook, Molotov Jukebox, Will and The People, By The Rivers,  The Computers, Electric Swing Circus, Beans on Toast, Skinny Lister and many many more-  this is already THE festival of the year.

To coincide with the end of July festival dates, from now until Mid-July, Circuit Sweet will be hosting a special Nozstock Artist Feature. Taking a closer look at all the talent playing and introducing our readers to each act in a more personal manor; as we talk to the musicians to find out more about their musical endeavors, their live sets and what we can look forward to from them during the weekend.

In the first noz- festival artist instalments we introduce you to the talented Sean Grant and The WolfGang.


Milton Keynes based folk/punk storytellers Sean Grant and the Wolfang are an unmissable act on this year’s bill.  A thought provoker. Not an activist, but a realist. Sean has been making music and writing from a young age and his development into a folk wordsmith and fronting Sean Grant and The WolfGang is the culmination of many years experimentation and exploration. The WolfGang comprises thumping drum work, bass heavy organ and beautifully crafted guitar lines from long term friend and fellow Northampton born Steve Fiske. Together they have been slogging it out in every toilet venue, bar, street corner just to catch the ear, which in turn is working well for the act as their fan base grows.

  • Please introduce yourselves and your role within the band- How long have you been playing and performing live?
My name is Sean Grant, I’m the songwriting body and frontman of the Wolfgang. The Wolfgang first materialised around 2 years ago after many years of experimentation and musical as well as personal growth.
  • What was it that first got you to pick up your instruments- and then to write your own compositions and direct your creativity?
My Grandad used to buy and sell records from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra, it was a passion of his travelling around the country so I was something that I was exposed to it from a young age. The other side of my family are from Ireland so I was always encouraged to get up and sing or dance or generally have a right old craic at family get togetherness and such. My first guitar was a beaten up old acoustic from a car boot sale that I just couldn’t put down, I’ve always sang with it and found it very natural to me to start jotting down and singing my own thoughts and ideals rather than others.
  • How did you form and where did the name come from?

It was never intended to become a band thing, it started with me and my guitar in my room after years of playing around in others bands in different roles. I wanted to do something personal, something for me and from the heart and as I added to it and started writing it just seemed right to put a band behind it to do it justice. The band name came about as a joke in fact, when I first started sending the songs to the now “Wolfgang” I would put different names alongside my own just for a laugh such as “Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Bronsons” which was one of them and in fact we played our first ever show under that guise in London.


  • How would you personally describe your own sound in one word?
  • What do you think you each bring to your live performances, sell your showmanship, sell us your sets.

If you come to our shows you get it all, we leave nothing behind in fact I normally come off stage hoarse and broken. Heart on sleeve out on the ledge performances that are more rock than folk.

  • What is it that you personally get from your performance?

It a buzz like no other, when your in that moment in that flow it’s the most glorious feeling you can have period, drink, drugs, love… Are all a second to that limited time you get on stage.

  • How would you describe the reception to your presence?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had when venturing out for our lives shows, particularly our tour in Europe where we had such an amazing time and the people that we met and played to were just fantastic with their support and participation at the live shows.

  • Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

It’s always whatever the newest one is! Hot off the press and new and fresh to play, currently that would be Mince Meat from our last EP. But we’re currently writing and demoing for EP 3 there’s some pretty huge stuff and we can’t wait to start playing it at Nozstock for you all!

  • What can we look forward to from your live performance during the festival?

The new material that we’ve been working hard on for the last few month. Some sharp outfits and most probably a lot of drinking.

  • Is there an artist you can’t wait to see at the festival, if so why?

I’m personally a big fan of The Computers after supporting them a little while ago, their live show really is impressive. But I like to wander at festivals too so I’m sure I’ll come across some cool acts.

  • Is this your first Nozstock experience?

It is indeed!

  • What else are you looking forward to from this years Noz?

The whole vibe, I’ve heard great things about the festival so looking forward to seeing the whole things and soaking up the atmosphere.

  • This years theme is ‘Nozstockers Guide to the Galaxy’- will you be participating with a sci fi look? Or performing a special GttG related track?

I don’t think we will, I’ll have to talk to the boys and we’ll have a vote. I’m sure we’ll be incapsulated by it all and whisked away into it once we’re there.

  • What makes a festival special to you?

Always the people. The eclectic group of individuals and  groups that festivals draw together are the best in the world, there’s nothing like a festival crowd.

  • Give us some festival advice- what one thing would you urge everyone to bring with them for this weekend?

Wet wipes and dancing boots.

  • Enlighten us to what can we look forward to from you in the future- many other plans set for the rest of this year, be it touring, recording, releasing etc?

We’ve been working on our third EP which we’ll be recording over the summer with plans to release later this year, we’ll be touring again in October with plans of Europe again, and we’ll be playing a few festivals over the season showcasing the new material and generally having a good old time!

  • And Finally any last words from you?

It’s just fantastic to be invited to such an amazing festival we can’t wait and we look forward to seeing you there.

A huge thank you to Sean, a total pleasure and we look forward to see you live on our doorstep soon.

Now you’ve discovered a  fantastic act from the incredible line-up get excited to hear more. If you haven’t already got  tickets what are you waiting for? / @Nozstock

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