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Hilang Child Releases New Single “Hey Man” – Out Now via Left Hand Side | Single Feature

February 14, 2024
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Hilang Child Releases New Single “Hey Man”

Out Now via Left Hand Side

Hilang Child returns with stunning new single “Hey Man”, released 9th February and is now out via his own imprint Left Hand Side via AWAL.

Following the two stunning tracks that Hilang Child released in the Autumn of 2023, “Lapwings” and “Picture Hanging“, Hilang Child now shares the third track and another explosive ensemble showcasing such plentiful range.

The new single was co-written with longtime friend Stefan Abingdon, the track is described as being characterized by the light and dark of close-up, sparse vocals juxtaposed with choruses featuring crunchy guitars and huge distorted bass lines

Speaking to Ed of Hilang Child about the release, “Hey Man is about checking in on a friend who is probably taking advantage of your kindness. You know it deep down, but you still just want them to be safe and constantly worry about them if they don’t seem ok.”

“I’d been rediscovering the heavier music I’d loved as a teenager and wanted to bring that crunchy guitar style to the choruses to punctate some more chill verses, showing the light/dark of love/hate relationships. Stefan and I started writing Hey Man together over a couple of sessions in a studio we shared, but eventually had to move out when the building sadly got sold off to turn into luxury flats. Luckily, Stefan built a lovely new home studio and we were able to finish it there.”

The use of the organic natural sounds in the environment commences the release, and the door opens to the tender insights of Hilang Child, Ed‘s vocal harmonies emerge and join the atmospherical creation that starts to take shape with the use of minimalist textures to form the base of the opening verse. The harmonies grip you, moving with this almost buoyant flow, and the melodic pace and tender lyrics start to carve this emotive impression.

The line “It’s funny how you played me again” embellishes the importance of this vision and the powerful words echo with this immense resonance, that line simply soars. the instrumentation and the commanding textures pause, with this sudden silence taking place to allow that striking lyric to hit you, Hilang Child intelligently adapts this force that shapes the journey of this release and the sentiment of those words.

The electronic cadence almost flirts and bounces through the landscape during the verses as the track suddenly shifts to more experimental influence, layered notes, and sliced harmonies and this expansive sound soon emerges as “Hey Man” shifts with ease from a more airy ambience towards this abrasive and intensive flux.

This composition captures this wave-like motion, gently moving with an addictive current before the bigger waves break with force over the journey, the track flutters to and from soft passages to almighty fervour.

Ed‘s captivating vocal harmonies direct the personal heart that has been forged with the lyrical direction, by allowing such an expressive range to develop and the compelling melody of the words to control the intensity, the audience is blissfully unaware of the unpredictable journey they too are about to embark on together.

With this new release, Hilang Child allows a vulnerable feeling to come to life. Through the intimacy of the words and the challenging course constantly fluctuating between the lightness of the track, to the sudden crashing of darkness, aided by the tumultuous tones that strike-through, the sustained notes shift and suddenly the impact of the words and the amplification of the instrumentation completely mirrors life.

Hilang Child is the musical project of British-Indonesian singer, songwriter and drummer Ed Riman. Over the years Ed has delivered some of the most emotive-effecting ensembles we’ve experienced. Ed’s efforts mould Hilang Child into one of the most immersive outfits and captivating songwriters of our time.

Hilang Child is supported by funding from PRS Foundation and Help Musicians



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