Unmap release ‘Pirates’ video

June 19, 2014


Unmap released their debut album Pressures in December 2013 and returned in 2014 with single Pirates. The video premiered on Noisey and is available to watch now on Sinnbus’ YouTube page.

Unmap’s dark, intricate and quirky electro sound is a head turner. Pirates showcases front woman Mariechen Danz’s, deep, sultry female vocals dancing playfully with the band’s unique take on their modern electro sound. Whether Pirates hits you immediately or slowly grows inside you like an aching hunger, you’ll want to hear more. The video for Pirates also reveals the band’s artistic, avant-garde side, which is no surprise since Mariechen is heavily involved with the modern art scene in Berlin.

Comprised of Mariechen Danz (vocals), Alex Stolze (violin, guitar, electronics), Matthias Geserick (bass) andThomas Fietz (e-drums), the band started life with Mariechen and Alex with the intention to make music to soundtrack her art performances. However, not before long, the pair’s soulful, lucid melodies took a life of their own and Unmap was born. Alex had previously worked with Berlin based bands Dictaphone and Bodi Bill and as the songs took shape, Matthias and Thomas were added to the mix.

Pirates is an accomplished single from a band who’ve only just released their debut – this is the sound of a group of artists and musicians that have come together to create something original and fresh, carving their own niche within a broader genre. In 2014 Unmap will rise from an underground whisper to one of the most important avant-garde electro pop acts on the scene.

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