Tera Melos- Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth [Stream]

May 11, 2011
When Tera Melos finished tracking for Patagonian Rats they found themselves with additional studio time. With that they decided to record a live, improvised piece for fun.
The following 51 minutes was a concentrated blur and will hopefully be the same for you. The 51 minutes of music (?) has been sitting on a hard drive for a year now while we’ve contemplated a fun way to unleash it. being as that we are not big time rock and rollers, (and this track will further prove that), our first trip to the UK/Ireland has proven to be difficult and very expensive. so now seems like an appropriate time to release something new that’s fun and interesting to help and raise some of that green stuff to offset these costs. we’re asking for a minimum of $5, but of course you are welcome to pay what you’d like beyond that. every penny earned off of this, and really any way you support our band (shows, t shirts, records etc), is extremely appreciated. 

Check it below. Intense.

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