Maybeshewill- I Was Here For A Moment Then I Was Gone [Album Stream]

May 11, 2011
Maybeshewill’s new album out now and streaming below. Two weeks ahead of the official release date, you can now download the whole album from their Bandcamp page. Available to download with the choice of how much you want to pay (within reason) and get it in any format your heart desires.

“Now we’re starting to play plenty of new stuff at our shows we thought it made sense to give people a chance to hear the album as a whole so they know what to expect when we play live, and this way people who can’t make the shows get to hear the new songs as well! Hopefully it’ll inspire a few new people to pre-order the physical version or pick it up at a show.”
Alternatively visit their site for info on preorders and physical formats here- http://maybeshewill.net/

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