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Adwaith Return With Stunning New Single “Addo” Featuring James Dean Bradfield – Out November 3rd via Libertino Records | Single Special

November 2, 2023

Adwaith Return With Stunning New Single “Addo” Featuring James Dean Bradfield 

Out November 3rd via Libertino Records

With one magical year behind them, citing the Welsh Music Prize 2022 award for the flawless sophomore album “Bato Mato”, the release itself and festival appearances, Adwaith returns with one standout single release and a glimpse into their new material.

After a year of absolute highs, it’s hard to think where Adwaith would go next, especially when the band are already at the top of their form. But with their brand new single release, the band are ready to release such a moving ensemble they are destined to be featured on the best of 2023 music lists in no time at all. The wait since their previous release, that wait has absolutely been worth it. Adwaith are about to conquer 2023 with a track that soon establishes itself as a masterpiece.

The Carmarthen band found themselves drawn back to the raw simplicity of their earliest days writing music together. Back in the beginning, growing up in the Welsh town of Carmarthen, they would create songs out of loose, evolving fragments, steadily building over the course of hours.

“Addo” is out November 3rd via Libertino Records and features the one and only James Dean Bradfield playing guitar on the single, instantly recognizable the moment you immerse yourself into the arrangement.

Of the new release, Adwaith returned to these older ways of working, crate-digging back into formative influences such as Juliana Hatfield and Hole, and sketching out the outlines of the song live as the band’s Hollie Singer and Gwenllian Anthony jammed together in the latter’s bedroom. Later, they finished the track – the first glimpse of their third album, which is out next year – at Black Bay Studios in the Outer Hebrides, and as mentioned above enlisted none other than Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield to play guitar on the single.

Though Addo – Welsh for Promise – takes influence from the bright, melodic grunge of the Breeders and Liz Phair, it’s lyrically one of the trio’s darkest songs to date. “Addo is about relationships in life that drain you,” the band explains, of Addo’s message. “It’s about caring deeply for someone self destructive who doesn’t care about themselves, and how when you’re involved in these relationships, it distorts your view of the world and the people around you.”

The guitar glistens throughout this volatile landscape, the immediate tones that emerge shape this almost elevated atmosphere, and the rhythms embrace this essence of lightness, when the vocal notes join and the intensity softens, there is a contrast between the lyrics and the tonality. All is not as bright as the textures tell. This vivid ensemble develops and grows into this vital song. The musicians unite to shift the power from verse to chorus, emphasizing the ardent efficiency and alternating the alertness and melodic movement.

Adwaith continues to add to the landscape, additional experimental passages layer the soundscape, chunky low-end, the feriocus fuzz elements pierce through the ambience, and the various tones add to the wealth of hooks on offer throughout. At its core the powerful drum shuffles blaze, smashing cymbals and bold break-downs, all of which keep the intensity positioned at the forefront of the structure.

The track showcases this mesmerizing vocal melody leading towards the euphoric vocal harmonies chant “Addo” and the immensity is felt by the listener. Adwaith, collectively, have poured their hearts and soul into the new release which can so easily be cherished, felt and embraced by the listener. They’ve captured such emotion into the composition and you can experience the affection gone into crafting and curating this composition.

Then the guitars play out whilst holding onto their complex identity, once the track jolts towards its finale, the audience longs to return to the emotionally charged environment.

It’s incredibly moving, expressive and effective. Adwaith has created a new arrangement that challenges the audience and immerses the listener into the centre of their grand world where the dynamic voltage envelops you.

The energy of the musicians and this perfect collaboration with Bradfield, it simply inspires the landscape, continuously fueling the emotional connection, and the connection itself circles back to fuel that intoxicating energy of the musicians. This composition will grip you, move you and leave this infectious imprint. Adwaith has captured their authenticity and the affection is the fabric of this vision.

Ahead of the release, pre-save now – https://orcd.co/addo



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