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Ynys Share New Single “Gyda Ni” (With Us) – Taken From New Album “Dosbarth Nos” (Night Class) Due July 12th via Libertino Records | Single Feature

June 10, 2024

Ynys Share New Single “Gyda Ni” (With Us)

New Album “Dosbarth Nos” (Night Class) Due July 12th via Libertino

Next month, the eagerly anticipated new album from Ynys is set to be released via Libertino. “Dosbarth Nos” (Night Class) is out on July 12th, following the release of their 2023 Welsh Music Prize shortlisted debut. Now, the group has shared a new single titled “Gyda Ni’” (With Us). The single is described as exploring the pitfalls of social media and self-improvement culture, seamlessly blending Motown and Northern Soul influences into a captivating Summer earworm.

Ynys, the brainchild of Race Horses / Radio Luxembourg’s Dylan Hughes, shares this regarding the new single:

“I’ve always loved Motown and Northern Soul compilations. ‘Gyda Ni’ tries to capture my favourite bits of about 100 songs – like a song I always wanted to hear. I’ve got a slight fear that one of these days I’ll find an old 7” single in a record shop and realise that I’ve completely ripped it off – but until that day, I’m going to enjoy playing this song.”

Throughout the dynamic course of Ynys and the releases presented over the last few years, Ynys has provided this effortless touch to course classic disco and soul elements through their vision, that powerful nod to a genre and a nostalgic time that shone so many years ago has once again provided this dazzling influence in the latest single “Gyda Ni“.

“Gyda Ni” is a rich and full-bodied, momentous orchestration. It captures the sincerity of each musician and their dedicated commitment to capturing such relentless energy as the musicians produce such deep pocket grooves and an ever-lasting euphoric atmosphere.

The blistering arrangement sweeps into action from the first bar, the musicians ready to elevate this structure with bountiful beats, consistent melodic bursts, bright keys and this immense world of textures and sharp instruments that heighten the uplifting and soulful soundscape. Dylan’s lyrics and vocal harmonies flow with the fast-paced vivacity and offer this insightful voyage into happiness, reflection and love, every theme counter-balanced by the joyous instrumentation and explosive ambience. The sharp strings pierce the passages with this sustained elevation and the additional sax notes course this arrangement towards its explosive destination.

Ynys delivers a release that is punchy, proud and filled with addictive hooks from start to finish, this quick-paced and animated release will leave this obsessive imprint. Hit repeat immediately. This release will install pure excitement for the forthcoming album release, destined to be one that will soundtrack your summer and the free vibes.

Ynys are an outfit of real talent producing a charmingly evocative sound.

Recorded live over a period of four days at the picturesque Mwnci Studios in West Wales, the album showcases Ynys‘ musical evolution – embracing a more energetic and adventurous sound palette with its extraordinary dynamic arrangements, and capturing the essence of the band’s live performances.

Dosbarth Nos embodies the culmination of Ynys‘ creative journey, marking a significant milestone in the project’s evolution. Hughes’ meticulous approach to songwriting, coupled with the band’s collaborative energy, has resulted in an album brimming with intention and newfound confidence.

When I started writing the songs that would form the debut record, I wasn’t sure I was writing an album and I didn’t think too much about playing the songs live,” says Dylan. “When you’re sitting at the piano it’s easy to let your hands fall onto familiar notes, into their comfort zone, and you end up with a lot of quieter mid-tempo songs,” he continues. “This time, I knew from the outset that I was writing an album and I wanted to try and capture the energy of our live set.”

Most of the songs on Dosbarth Nos, which are sung in a mixture of Welsh and English,began as short piano experiments played on Hughes’ hallway piano in his Aberystwyth home. “I can’t help myself from playing a chord or something whenever I pass it,” he explains. Most of the tracks were written in a fairly short period of time. “I’d booked in the recording session for the album a few months in advance, and I could see that circled out week on the fridge calendar staring back at me every day, which was good motivation.”

Track List

Darnau Coll

Aros Amdanat Ti 

Dosbarth Nos


Welcome Back To The Island

Hi Sy’n Canu

Dim Ond Ni

Gyda Ni

Wild Waves


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