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Wings of Desire Announce New EP “Shut Up & Listen” Due August 30th, Exclusive Fundraising Cassette For The Long Table in Stroud & New Single “OUTTAMYMIND” Out Now | Release Feature

June 10, 2024
Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore

Wings of Desire Announce New EP “Shut Up & Listen” Due August 30th

EP is released with an exclusive cassette – all proceeds will go towards community project The Long Table in Stroud, which is under threat of eviction

New single ‘OUTTAMYMIND’ out now

– Gritty UK dream-pop duo Wings of Desire – AKA James Taylor and Chloe Little – announce new EP Shut Up & Listen for August 30th and share new single ‘OUTTAMYMIND’. 

The EP comes with an exclusive cassette – all the proceeds of which will go towards community project The Long Table in their native Stroud, which is under threat of eviction.

Pre-order here: https://wingsofdesire.bandcamp.com/album/shut-up-listen-ep

The project offers pay what you can meals to customers – and prioritise sustainability by rescuing food waste, sourcing local produce, and paying a living wage. Outlined in this The Guardian article:

James and Chloe introduce the EP and their mission:

“Grassroots organisations that serve the community are more important than ever, and new models of social enterprise that nurture the health, community and spiritual wellbeing of the most marginalised must be preserved at all costs. 

The Long Table is the beating heart of our local community in Stroud, they run a radical social project with a pay what you can system that serves around 40,000 hot meals a year. It’s about dignity, equality, and everyone helping their neighbours in need. Earlier this year their home Brimscombe Mill was sold from beneath them and it is now at risk of being turned into warehouse space for the new owner.

The Shut Up & Listen EP grew out of our need to preserve this sacred space and support our unique local community, which is the closest thing we have to a new earth. We have put together a limited edition cassette tape and all proceeds will go to The Long Table in helping them fight their impending eviction. 

We will follow their lead and offer a pay what you can system to ensure that just like basic human necessities are not gate kept, that creativity should be accessible to all.”

Wings of Desire will be playing a free show at The Long Table on July 5th.

On the strident, stomping first single taken from the EP they explain:

“‘OUTTAMYMIND’ is inspired by the concept of reincarnation, parallel lives and the Mandela effect. If these concepts are true then I wonder how many lives we have lived and who we have been. What have we experienced before? Or are we just repeating the same life over and over again until we’ve pulled off the ‘perfect life’. A life where we have annihilated all unhealthy and foolish desires, a life where we have inflicted as little pain on ourselves, others, and the planet. Or maybe reincarnation allows us to experience the full spectrum of life through many guises. If that is the case then perhaps we should live fearlessly and in a constant state of wonder.”

Wings Of Desire has this creative spark and imaginative genius where they can apply and produce such reaching arrangements laced with an essential appeal. Their latest single captures all of their talented abilities as they craft something that feels classic, essential and timeless all at once. The tonality choices and the vocal harmonies mirror an early 90’s classic hit, yet their chords, their emphases on the words and the textures they develop all deliver this innovative appeal, that’s what brings this timeless influence to the voyage.

Wings of Desire has found the formulation to create the most striking and consuming creations, where the atmosphere each time becomes the most immersive landscape, the loops and the flurry of raucous tones assist with that far-reaching soundscape that hypnotises the listener.

Last year Wings of Desire soundtracked 2023, to announce details of a new EP follow up stirs such excitement to the fanbase and those longing to be lost in their musical world once more.

Live Dates
5th July – The Long Table, Stroud UK
16th August – Lowlands Festival, NL
28th September – Gathering Sounds Festival, Stockton UK
25th October – Rotown, Rotterdam NL
26th October – London Calling Festival, Amsterdam NL


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