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Eades Release New Single “Constantly” and Announce September Headline Tour | Single Feature

June 19, 2024
Photo Credit: Sam Joyce

Eades Release New Single “Constantly”

Announce September Headline Tour

Independent indie rabble-rousers Eades release new single ‘Constantly’ and announce headline tour dates. New EP Fight or Flight out August 14th via their own label Bam Bam Records

Constantly’ sees Eades deliver an easy groover, underpinned by organ drones and sparky guitars playing off of one another.

Transatlantic influences pervade the five-piece’s classic indie sound, glued together by the songwriting and vocal swapping partnership of Harry Jordan and Tom O’Reilly.

In this instance, Harry Jordan explains the themes behind the track, which skew darker and more honest than is often the case in his writing – observing close-to-home issues:

“Having spent around ten years in the Leeds music scene it’s become quite apparent to me just how normalised and almost expected drug and alcohol abuse really is.

I fear without having stability in my own life, that I am fortunate to have with my fiancé and a job I love, I same thing that has happened to a lot of people I care about could have happened to me. We are now at an age where we are starting to see the effects that  long term alcohol and drug abuse can do to a person. I realised over the last year or so that I have a number of friends that I don’t think I have seen sober in a very long time and it’s scary to be honest. 

A small few people I know have accepted help and done something about it, but a larger number refuse to accept that they have a problem at all. The strain I have seen it take on a number of peoples mental health has become quite harrowing. 

I wrote this song about two years ago around the time I started becoming a lot more aware of these issues. Even though the instrumentation of the track is playful and it’s definitely a fun one in our live set, I think the lyrics are some of the rawest I have ever written. For the first time ever I feel quite nervous putting this one out!”

Eades has always been this unstoppable force, with each new single they are sharing from the forthcoming EP, the band brings this trailblazing effort to their vision. Through the maturity of the outfit and their fearless ability to allow personal themes to frequent their raucous tracks, “Constantly” takes on a slower and more complex approach whilst the lyrics touch on intimacy, delivered in a way to resonate with the power that only Eades can convey. Eades have honed in on the ability to produce these ardent arrangements with these righteous rhythms and a front-person commanding your full attention.

Eades are at stadium profile right now, they can course from anthemic arrangements and this unruly energy to more serious and consuming orchestrations. Their craft is vivid and their appeal is beyond striking.

Combining the creative values of WilcoSonic Youth and Sparklehorse with the immediacy of The Velvet Underground and The Clash  they’ve adapted and evolved over the last couple of years – continually touring around the UK, as well as over the shores into Europe. Their tight self-produced sound, and story-telling approach has crystalised into a winning calling-card.

This ‘build it and they will come’ approach has already seen enviable successes. Photoshoots with iconic photographer Rankin for HUNGER, shout outs from The Guardianlive sessions at Abbey Road Studios, and stand-out sets at Left Of The Dial and The Great Escape, amongst other tastemaker festivals, mark the band out as serious contenders.

No longer green to the industry – and working on their own terms – Eades are putting theory into practice. Comfortable in their own skin, and taking the wins as they come, there’s no lack of ambition to take their riveting concoctions to the masses. All of this is beholden to a quietly confident maturation that speaks to a band in complete control.

Fight or Flight the new EP by Eades – is out via their own label Bam Bam Records on August 14th.

Eades are Harry Jordan (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar, vocals), Sam Wilde (Bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (Drums) and Tom Barr (Synths, Percussion, Vocals). 

Fight Or Flight EP Track Listing
1. Fade Away
2. Liquid Gold
3. Constantly
4. Loose Cliffs Edge
5. Fight Or Flight

Live Dates
14th September – Bristol – Breakfest
18th September – Manchester – Gullivers
19th September – Norwich – Voodoo Daddy’s
23rd September – Portsmouth – Edge Of The Wedge
24th September – Brighton – Hope and Ruin
26th September – London – Strange Brew




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