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Nightshift Share New Single “Phone”- New Album “Homosapien” due 26th July on Trouble in Mind

June 19, 2024
credit Brian Carroll


Share “Phone” Single

New album, Homosapien due 26th July on Trouble in Mind

UK Live Dates inc. Tour in December & London Headline Show

Glasgow musical collective NIGHTSHIFT returns with their third album Homosapien, due 26th July on Chicago’s Trouble In Mind Records.

Now, they share a second single from the record, “Phone”, featuring Ray Aggs on fiddle. Primary vocalist & keyboardist Eothen Stern says of the song:

“[I’m] kind of channeling Robyn with separating the words phonetically on her Honey album. Having my ex and former long term partner of 9 years play on the track with the two instruments singled out at the end like call and response felt important and like a phone call. Or like a reprise. Used to hear Ray play fiddle in the flat all the time so it was a nice echo of that instrument presence and absence. Also has a bit of a chamber orchestra and the recent trend of putting more generic pop music to soloed out strings.”

From the vibrance and jubilance of the first single that Nightshift shared from the upcoming album, they now provide a track that captures such a dynamic range. While still keeping the intimacy within the lyrics as the words bounce to and from this internal struggle and into the slower yet striking soundscape, fortified with the additional strings. This emotional turmoil can be found within the exploration and captured within the depth of the passages and the character of the instrumentation. Nightshift still captures this hypnotic influence within the composition, yet this release enables the band to show a softer side to their impressive power whilst the textures take on this adventurous appeal.

Three years on from their last full-length Zöe, Nightshift have experienced a line-up shift, with drummer Chris White (Spinning Coin) now on guitar.

Primary vocalist & keyboardist Eothen Stern (also of 2 Ply)’s lyrical gifts illuminate the group’s output with an optimistic urgency that is unmatched. On Homosapien she wears her heart on her sleeve, refusing to shy away from politics or contemporary love languages and finding humor, earnestness, and critique at every turn.

Homosapien is packed with hooks big and small woven through a tapestry of rhythm-forward song poems. It brings their woozy, hypnotic post-punk into focus with musical vignettes filled with empathetic reflections that find joy in the small wonders of the natural universe and beyond.


1. Crystal Ball

2. Sure Look

3. Together We Roll

4. S.U.V.

5. Your Good Self

6. Cut

7. Side Effects

8. Phone

9. Y.T. Tutorial

10. Mellow Baby

11. Crush


Live Dates:

Friday 21st June – Glad Cafe, Glasgow w/ Lewsberg + Blue Kanues

Saturday 10th August –  Album Launch at Mono, Glasgow w/ Susannah Stark + Town Center

Sunday 1st September – Psyche Fest Edinburgh at The Queen’s Hall & Summerhall

Saturday 7th December – Venue TBA, Newcastle

Sunday 8th December – The Lexington, London

Monday 9th December – JT Soar, Nottingham

Tuesday 10th December –  The Peer Hat, Manchester

Tickets and info:

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