Nice Swan Records Releases 12″ Compilation “Nice Swan Introduces Volume 2” Feat Deadletter, Saloon Dion, Splint, Human Interest, Chalk & More

May 4, 2024


Releases 12″ compilation ‘Nice Swan Introduces Volume 2’


Nice Swan Records release their latest 12″ compilation Nice Swan Introduces Volume 2 , out now, released ahead of showcases at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival and Live at Leeds In The City over the coming months.

Following on from Nice Swan Introduces Volume 1 in 2021, which included the likes of English Teacher, SPRINTS, Courting and Opus Kink, the cult indie label’s second compilation further cements their status as of the UK’s most reputable talent-spotters, with the likes of Deadletter, Prima Queen and Chalk all featuring on Volume 2.

Launched in 2016 by North West duo Pete Heywoode and Alex Edwards, Nice Swan’s initial aim to become a platform for discovering and nurturing new talent soon attracted widespread recognition throughout the UK music landscape, with the subsequent success of signees such as Sports Team, Pip Blom, English Teacher, Sprints, FUR & Hotel Lux building momentum at an impressive rate over the last eight years.

Speaking of their compilation release, Edwards and Heywoode stated: “We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Volume II of the Nice Swan Introduces series. Following on from the success of our previous edition, it felt only right to unveil number two, featuring another ten incredible artists who have graced our label. The past two years have been an exhilarating journey for us, witnessing the rise of talents like CHALK, who continue to soar, all the way back to the sensational Prima Queen in 2022. Each artist brings a unique flavor to our label, showcasing our array of sounds.

As we compile this collection, we’re filled with anticipation for what lies ahead for Nice Swan. With promising acts already secured, including the likes of Chalk, Blossom Calderone, Kynsy, Human Interest, Jagged Baptist Club, and many more, the future looks brighter than ever.

Nice Swan Introduces – Volume 2 – Tracklist
01 – Deadletter – Pop Culture Connoisseur
02 – Prima Queen – Chew My Cheeks
03 – Saloon Dion – HEY HEY
04 – splint – 145
05 – cowboyy – Gmaps
06 – Yabba – Get By
07 – Human Interest – Mixing Paint
08 – Shady Baby – Come To Life
09 – Avice Caro – At The End Of The Day (It’s The End Of The Day)
10 – Chalk – The Gate

The compilation is available on all platforms now. 10 tracks of essential releases by the most desirable acts around, the perfect snapshot to the record and the immense eclectic energy that each of these band’s convey.

Live Dates
18th May – The Great Escape Festival showcase (The Rills, Blossom Calderone, Human Interest, splint, Avice Caro)
16th November – Live at Leeds In The City showcase (lineup TBA)

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