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SYBS Release Debut Album “Olew Nadroedd”- Out Now via Libertino | Release Feature

May 3, 2024
Bethan Miller Co

SYBS Release Debut Album “Olew Nadroedd”

Out Now via Libertino

May 3rd has been a date that SYBS has been hurtling towards for some time, the official release date for their immense debut album “Olew Nadroedd”. The new 12-track album has been on the radar for a while, with each single the outfit has shared from the record, the excitement has stirred. Now finally we get to embrace the album in all its glory.

The debut album “Olew Nadroedd“, is described as a moving time capsule of the excitement and wide eye wonder — on one hand fear, and anxiety on the other — of young adulthood. The world outside entices and enthrals yet there is trepidation in fully embracing a life beyond the comfort of childhood. It’s this dichotomy that Osian Llŷr (songwriter, vocalist, guitarist) captures with every note and lyric on SYBS‘ debut album.

Speaking of the record, Osian explains: “I think what we wanted to achieve with ‘Olew Nadroedd’ is a snapshot of where we were as a band when a lot these songs came to fruition; when we were still experimenting with finding our sound, and where we opened ourselves up to a world of musical influences where anything goes.

I was really inspired by albums such as ‘I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One’ by Yo La Tengo and ‘Fantasma’ by Cornelius, that feel like this big collage of sounds and genres, but still manage to sound like they’re coming from the same source.

It was a really exciting time in our lives pre-covid where most of us had moved to different cities for university and were having all these new experiences, but still gigging in Cardiff very frequently, and I like to think we’ve managed to capture some of that chaos and energy in the album.

A lot of the lyrics are reflective, anxious and uncertain but the music for the most part is vibrant, noisy, and almost hyperactive; and I feel like that really captures the dichotomy of where we were at when the album started coming together around 2018. You have all this enthusiasm and curiosity for the world but you’re not really sure what to make of any of it or what you’re meant to be doing, so you end up being open to everything.

The audacious release covers this expansive ground in just shy of 50 minutes, a well-rounded full album that captures SYBS and their compelling vision. This debut demands your full attention, from the production qualities to the blazing intensity of the instrumentation, the dynamic shifts between each intricate atmosphere carefully designed as it conveys the thread between the lyrics and the affection.

Moving towards aggressive peaks to breakout stop-starts and heavy shuffles. SYBS have honed in on their bright appeal and expressive lyrical directions, they can hold the audience in the palm of their hand offering security before abruptly jolting the fierce inflictions as they shift to showcase further intensity and energetic prowess.

Album opener “Limbo” is the integral start to this raucous record, a blistering composition that slowly builds and burns, introducing each musician and the power of their abilities. Expanding this almighty arrangement and intelligently layering up the elements before the colossal release explodes. The wealth of hooks in this standout composition determines the essential status of the voyage. The quartet triumphantly produces this immersive and mammoth arrangement, where they flex their skills and keep the listeners fixated, ready to explore the rest of the promising creations that follow.

It’s not just aggressive and industrial passages this band can offer, the melody of some of their tracks is addictive and, at times, euphoric. That infectious melody can be found throughout tracks such as “Anwybodaeth” and later in “Paid Gofyn Pam”.

SYBS utilise their craftmanship to offer voluminous arrangements, focusing on monotonous hard-hitting riffs and these rolling rhythms. Mixing up their gritty tonality and shifting towards fuzzier textures, additional soundbites and carnivalesque crescendos, letting the lead guitar shine through the erratic buildups and the rhythms which melt through these complex landscapes.

Tracks such as “Cwyr” stir this 80’s appeal with the buoyant bass that leads the ensemble, the darker textures reminiscent of a post-punk classic, before the valiant creation launches into new territory meandering to focus on the jaunty keys and the angular guitar tones panned with this immense determination. A mammoth world that delivers on every level. Whereas “Parhau” engages this lighter essence despite its depth, a track that once again pushes the band to explore further influences and genres whilst infusing their unique vision for something that feels equal parts innovative and familiar, a 90’s theme resonates from the tones of this composition. That post-punk touch comes through from the entwining notes of the darker more dystopian few bars of “Frankie Fontaine” and the resonating deep vocal notes.

Flying towards the latter half of the album is the previously released single “Gwacter”, this was the track that truly captured this outfit in their stride. “Gwacter” starts with this colossal build-up, immediately the listener is drawn to the atmosphere that develops with this darker distinction from the get-go. Fierce textures lash through the soundscape amplified with the cymbal hits. The lead guitar rhythms ooze such distinct characteristics into the general appeal of this mammoth ensemble. It’s moody, melodic and moving. The gritty tonality and addictive energy cascade throughout the exploration and exude this raucous appeal, SYBS dominate their space and provides this enthralling ensemble.

 “Canned Laugher” commences with this piercing feedback whaling into the atmosphere that already commands this intriguing presence, the percussive beat plays in and the jaunty guitar tones follow with this rhythmic cadence before the track evolves into a heavier ensemble. The track captures this unpredictable yet eager direction and unison from the outfit. SYBS delve into experimental passages where the tonality and wealth of effects continue to layer up the soundscape and inject complexity to the ambience. As the arrangement flows we embrace this fluctuation of harmonies, shifting through lo-fi verse vocals to the alternating harmonies and intensity, this movement and variation of the melodic vocals captivate the listener and play on the unpredictable nature of the journey that’s engulfed you.

SYBS have this eccentricity that can only be defined by them, their energy is flawlessly captured in every element of this crucial release. They can touch on stronger themes or alternate and inject vivacious and more fun overhauls to their creativity, all of which are easily connected with by the listener. What this band has achieved for a debut record is a fearless mark on their imagination. These musicians together produce such expression, they hold this power that shifts the listener into chaos one second to animated delight the next. There is a sense of freedom throughout the album, no restraints and no boundaries, a band bursting with this vigour.




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