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Discover LOWMOON – Debut Single “Decay” Out Now | Single Feature

March 7, 2024

Discover LOWMOON

Debut Single “Decay” Out Now

Debut Album Due May 2024

Introducing LOWMOON, a new lo-fi indie bedroom pop project from Yorkshire-based musician Mikey Wilson. Mikey is a name very familiar with Circuit Sweet due to his efforts in the band Kimber and our privilege to offer their debut album via our shop shelves. As soon as Mikey’s name was attached to this new project, we immediately knew this would be just as crucial.

LOWMOON is an outfit which draws inspiration from post-punk, dream pop and shoegaze. The music is described as these productions which are textured with hints of The Cure in the jangly guitars and baselines reminiscent of Joy Division’s Peter Hook.

That being said, yes those influences can be found on first listen, but LOWMOON with the flawless debut single “Decay”, has captured something that blends melancholic post-punk with a refreshing and innovative flair.

Taking a DIY approach Mikey writes, records and mixes the music. Speaking on ‘Decay’, Mikey says “It started with a simple programmed drum beat on my Roland TR-505, which I then built the song around. I love picking up cheap vintage equipment to give songs a unique sound. I bought an old toy Casio keyboard which had just been sat in someones loft for the past 40 years and used that for all the synth parts on Decay.”

The textures grip you immediately, whilst the punchy percussive pushes resonate that of a 70’s Factory Records classic, the track starts to evolve and showcases various layers and attributes that channel modernization through the fabric of this arrangement. One thing that dominates this atmospherical ensemble from start to finish is the enthused melodies which melt from the vocal notes.

The position of the lo-fi vocals that sit amongst the layers of the exploration, form this delicate notion, lacing the composition with a very modest approach in velocity yet undeniably striking. The emotive vocals fuse with the brooding intensity of the darker tonal choices throughout the vivid ensemble.

Throughout this journey, this air of magnetism bounces off the thread of this voyage, by focusing on this post-punk foundation, LOWMOON triggers this sense of freedom through the flashback to a less complex time. This lighter touch flows with the vocal notes and their buoyant delivery from start to finish.

LOWMOON has captured this melancholic beauty with this debut track, evocative and simultaneously ambitious songwriting highlighting jangly influences and this compelling ambience that simply sticks to the listener. The debut single proudly offers this cerebral journey through sound, nostalgic connection and this unparallel melody. This attention to such detail and feeling is what has made this a truly compelling release, and one which is perfect to soundtrack lighter days. 

With the quality of the first track and introduction so high, we are already excited to hear more. LOWMOON will return in May 2024 with their debut album and it’s physical release.

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