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Parcs Release New Single & Video “Something Sweet” | Single Feature

February 21, 2024
Parcs Bandcamp

Parcs Release New Single & Video “Something Sweet”

Having dropped their new single “Something Sweet” on Valentines, a week ago Newport’s PARCS serenaded their audience with a dreamy new composition, one that will withstand the day of love and remain on your playlists indefinitely.

The South Wales four-piece continue to amass some of the most essential compositions over the last few years, from their flawless 2022 EP “Dawnsio Trist”, to their standout single releases of 2023 showcasing a change in line-up and this exhilarating energy that only PARCS seem to convey.

Now they’ve shared a new single “Something Sweet” with a music video to accompany the release. Video shot, directed and edited by Jake Abraham. Watch below-

With their latest release, PARCS are treading into a more experimental pathway, allowing this space to bring their effects to a heightened hook and giving every musician their lead to explore more expressive instrumental takes. “Something Sweet” commences with the lo-fi vocal harmonies shifting into a warmer embrace, accompanied by the big buoyant bass lines colliding with the percussive hits and dreamy guitar lead. The synth notes elongate and sculpt the impressive atmosphere, a world that expands and shifts throughout.

PARCS has produced a track with this serious groove, the track meanders into this disco-inspired pop triumph. Whilst the emotive vocal harmonies shimmer with this dazzling intensity, the soulful yet serene tones are perfectly positioned through the complex orchestration to add this delicate charm. The arrangement moves to this stunning break-down, breaking the intensive landscape and rebuilding that beat, this is the space where all the musicians unite to move into this explosive terrirotiry, showing their creative flex to add fierce lashings into this visionary piece. The intensity develops before one last shift to that delicate character they convey with ease.

At the end of the release, you appreciate the immense collections of hooks the voyage has to offer. The lyrics, and the sweeter delivery give a nod to the song title and simply imprint to your world, they provide this addictive path and once silence is resumed for the audience, they long to be back in the PARCS paradise once more.

We’ve stated before and will continue to shout about how crucial PARCS are. An outfit that everyone should be supporting, their music will move you. To see the progression of PARCS over the last few years has been an enthralling experience, their vision remains unparalleled as they continue to produce the most infectious and melodic synth-pop arrangements. This outfit can unite intimacy with some of the most complex soundscapes you’ll embrace, with each release they share showcasing this unique ability to connect to the listener, inspire movement from the beats and leave this elated impression. Each time they release a new single, we are left in awe.




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