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Gillie Releases New EP “Yn y Bore” – Out Now via Libertino | Release Feature

February 27, 2024

Gillie Releases New EP “Yn y Bore”

Out Now via Libertino Records

Singer, songwriter and producer Gillie has just released the stunning new EP “Yn y Bore”, a 4-track record out via Libertino Records.

Yn y Bore”, is described as a body of work that captured life changing moments, emotionally, spiritually and geographically over the last two years. It is the first material the Carmarthenshire born artist has written in the Welsh language and the first songs written and recorded after her return to live in Wales after spending her late teens and early twenties in London.

Deeply influenced by place, Gillie blends musically on songs that make up ‘Yn Y Bore’ gold-flecked guitar loops into an ambient haze on top of relentless driving rhythms. Gillie harnesses the anxieties, stress and struggles of modern life, weaving them into something unapologetic and inherently intimate.

Gillie explains:

“There have been a lot of changes in my life over the time I wrote this collection of songs. It captures a chapter of two years, with lots of uncertainty and big changes – as this track title suggests, I wanted to end the EP on something that says it’s all going to work itself out by the arrival of the morning.

This is the first collection of tracks that I have ever released in Welsh, and it feels nice to bind them together within an EP. These songs are really special to me; I can hear the journey that I have gone on as an artist when I listen to them, and a growth in confidence. They are in chronological order with regards to when they were written and released, so I feel it takes the listener on a journey too.

There are moments of light and dark throughout all four tracks, which perfectly encapsulates my feelings around uncertainty and change. It was really cathartic to explore space and texture within this EP, and lay a foundation for what’s to come next.”

The new 4-track EP is a beautiful collection of stunning tracks that truly showcase the emotive creativity that Gillie has poured into these arrangements. A body of work that represents etherealness, connectivity and charm.

The EP commences with the opener “i ti”, this was the track that we first heard introducing us to this artist back in 2022 and it blew us away. With the stunning track, one of the main attributes is the immersive atmosphere and consuming vibe that the release shapes. From the first listen you will be mesmerized and to open this record with such a standout track captures the power of this artist. As the track flows this world engulfs the audience and keeps them fixated on the delicate vocal harmonies, the expressive nature of this arrangement, and above all this complex integration of textures which ultimately allude to the hypnotic tendencies of the rhythms that loop throughout.

Gillie’s tender, detailed and stirring vocal harmonies layer the ambience with such conviction, adding this affectionate swirl to the overall direction. The scattered drum shuffles poignantly push the momentum with this distinguished ease, the indent on the hardware adding to the soft surge in intensity. Whilst the melodic hooks burst through and leave such a remarkable imprint on the aura. Throughout the tonality choices and the sweeter cadence that sweeps the soundscape, Gillie brings this natural force to the forefront of the release, leaning on the organic essence which establishes such critical roots for the vision.

There is a pace to the music that Gillie has produced that alters the listener’s mood, affecting the audience to relish in the sincere melodies and the captivating harmonies that Gillie explores throughout each ensemble. Within each arrangement of the EP, it’s so easy to embrace Gillie, each composition is laced with meaning and this adventurous yet raw essence.

The next track to follow is “Llawn“, another single which was released early Summer in 2023. “Llawn”, flows with this ease from the opener, and immediately we experience this consuming and plentiful landscape. The atmosphere that is crafted offers this luscious take. This bed of addictive tones loops to bring this essential, ambitious agitation to the progression of this release. Deeply connected by the ethereal yet expressive vocal notes and rich emotive elements resonating from the lyrics and the vocal direction. Gillie sustains the forceful inflictions when the instrumentation shifts and the intensity peaks, the listener harnesses the powerful attributes. The sweeping sensation of the resonating guitar passages and the spacious percussive shuffles are all crucial elements that deliver this refreshing structure. A world which allows the fragility of the artist to unite with the tones that simmer ready to burst into this volatile ensemble.

As the final cymbal hit from “Llawn” marks the final notes of the track, the EP almost jumps into the hazy “Toddi”, flowing to this release and embracing this play-on effect. The audience is compelled by the sweeping tones that wash over this impressionable atmosphere and add this stirring current to the journey, delicate and warm textures capture this brighter force. This is a gentle creation that exudes this sunkissed shimmer, reflecting from the bouncing rhythms. The soundscape starts to grow as Gillie begins to add layer upon layer, the additional weight crafts a completely refreshing design to the voyage. Gillie‘s unique and harmonic vocal notes chisel this affectionate flow. There is a sense of freedom that powers through the formation, the dynamic vocal harmonies and the placement of the passages. Additional textures emerge and shape the landscape but there is a captivating appeal bouncing from the impressive contour of this composition. The delicate harmonies which Gillie delivers offer a truly shimming melody and expressive, illustrious range.

Finally, the EP ends on the title track itself “Yn y bore” which translates to “In The Morning“. Having already fixated on this emotional record and the moving ability that each composition conveys, the final release offers the most expressive ensemble to carry out the lasting touch of the record. At just over 5 minutes 22 seconds, the final release also allows the longest journey for the audience to experience and in keeping with the record Gillie has this stunning ability to develop intoxicating and heartfelt soundscapes capturing emotions and a unique light. The flow of “Yn y bore” and the sustained placement of the harmonies and the textures ultimately produce this affectionate world that transports the listener. There is such an impressive understanding of the connection between this artist, the intimacy of the lyrics and the warm tonalities and reflective pulse.

There is a contemplative essence of this exploration from the intimacy of the lyrics and the layered harmonies to the instrumentation pitches. This impressive wealth of textures and rhythmic hooks form the fundamental foundations of this orchestration, but the levels of each of these are never to fight with the flow of Gillie‘s expressive harmonies, instead, the intensity always feels as if it could erupt but the focus is on the sensational and sincere songstress and those dynamic vocal melodies that lead the track on its journey.

These 4 tracks unite to deliver a volatile EP with this impressionable ambience. Gillie has released this collection of heartfelt and touching arrangements, all of which showcase this broad array of emotions, a dynamic lightness to each vision, and an understanding of the passionate melody that strikes through each ensemble. This artist can easily ferry their audience into the midst of their evolving and fragile soundscapes, by allowing the sincerity to surround those experiencing “Yn y bore” and the tender traits in all its glory. A truly intoxicating and honest release.

The new EP is out now via Libertino Records




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