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Brighter Arrows Dreamliner (out June 30th)- ‘Visitation’ EXCLUSIVE STREAM

May 28, 2013


Brighter Arrows are an uplifting act. The Indiana/ Illinois band takes the raw energy of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and The Casket Lottery and adds precise instrumentation and emotive vocals to the mix. Formed in the Summer of 2010- the Midwest quartet have matured musically to create a fresh new full length titled “dream liner”.

Jake Norris, John Olds, Colin May and Jamie Dougherty have united their passion to create a tentative release. This Post-hardcore/emo/post-whatever act combine a plethora of influences to make something of their own.

Brighter arrows bring a darker and more expansive sound for their new debut full length “Dream liner,” set to be released on June 30th by The Ghost is Clear Records (US), Black Lake Records (UK), and I Corrupt Records (GER).
A remarkable and promising follow up to their 2012 release ‘Divisions and What It Is To Abide’ and their follow up split with locktender. This is an act showing only signs of consistent compositions, powerful song structures and the ability to captivate you. Getting better with each release.



01 – every hour, every day
02 – the occupation
03 – visitation
04 – vangelis china
05 – noshow me
06 – half memory
07 – splendor beyond compare
08 – submission
09 – dream liner

We are extremely lucky to exclusively stream ‘Visitation’. Video direction Zach Harris- Listen here first:

Brighter arrows follow up their 2012 releases with a darker, more ambitious, more dynamic and more expansive full length LP. TGIC is proud to be the US provider of this release along with our friends over seas in I Corrupt Records (GER) and Black Lake Records (UK). The artwork by Colin (drums) is beautiful and accompanies the material with an uncanny nature
The Ghost Is Clear Records

We love Brighter Arrows and the supportive labels working hard to get this talented band heard. We sincerely thank The Ghost Is Clear Records and their support of us and this exclusive stream. For any follower of Circuit Sweet TGIC Records will be a familiar name. A small label run by artists to help friends. It started out as a self promotional label to get the word out on mid-west bands that played music with heart and ambition. The first 7 releases were digital and DIY CD releases. In 2010 Bobby Johnson (Canyons) & Brian Dooley (Tigon) partnered up to do more with The Ghost Is Clear. Since then they have released custom vinyl projects with friends labels and bands. A hardworking label with a pure passion and positive attitude to supporting accomplished musicians.

Support the band now. You can place preorders from the following sites (including Tshirt options- start reppin now)

For US customers http://theghostisclearrecords.limitedrun.com/

For UK customers http://blacklakerecords.bigcartel.com/
and Europe http://icorruptrecords.bigcartel.com/


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