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Foxxglove Returns With New Single “Family Ties” – Out Now | Release Feature

November 1, 2023

Foxxglove Returns With New Single “Family Ties”

Out Now

Foxxglove returns with brand new single “Family Ties”. The new arrangement is an emotional track described as a breakdown and betrayal of family and family members, a personal but relatable tale about how fragile family is and how much it hurts when one of your own hurts you.

A very powerful release which was co-wrote with Violet Skies and produced by James Minas.

Speaking of the track, Foxxglove shares:

“This song is one of the more personal songs I’ve wrote, it came from a very dark and painful time in my life. I got the opportunity to work with singer songwriter Violet Skies, during the writing session I had some lyrics expressing my hurt about a situation in my family, I was devastated and hurt. I remember thinking it was too dramatic to use the words I’d written in a song, Violet said to me ‘imagine them hearing this song on the radio, what do you want to say’ and Family Ties was born. Family is complex and vulnerable, I hope anyone going through a similar situation can find comfort and healing in this song – I know I did writing it.

The delicate piano keys start and exude this striking looping formation immediately pulling the listener into the layers, into the fragilty. The gentle notes resonate in the volatile atmosphere and then Foxxglove‘s distinct vocal harmonies emerge and soar high above the landscape.

The expressive harmonies proudly showcase this immense range that this talent musician has to offer, a dynamic and broad reach that escalates to portray the power of those lyrics. Whilst the lyrical journey weaves this honest affection into the vision, the electronic notes punch through the ambience with this rhythmic enhancement, the minimalist notes present themselves as essential and become the intricate bed for the raw lyrics to lay upon.

The track twists through the hazy tension, dynamically shifting the intensity levels and working towards this euphoric crescendo, explosive and completely consuming.

Foxxglove has this charm within the outlook, presenting a very raw, deeply emotional creation and allowing the striking vocal tones to connect with the audience. As the strings fade out and the keys loop for one last time, the atmosphere shifts towards the silence and at that point, you understand the enormity of this ensemble in every way possible.

A mighty landscape that delivers on soaring harmonies, ultimately this is one of the most powerful tracks you will encounter this year and then some. This track signals the progression, the maturity and the promise of this artist.



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