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Georgia Gets By Releases “So Free So Lonely” – Debut EP “Fish Bird Baby Boy” out Friday 6th October on Luminelle Recordings

October 4, 2023
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Georgia Gets By releases “So Free So Lonely,” the gorgeous and poignant new single from her debut EP, Fish Bird Baby Boy, out this Friday on Luminelle Recordings.

When I was living in Brooklyn, I loved watching the pigeons from the balcony of the apartment. How they balanced so precariously on the skinniest ledges and made home tucked up in the windows next to air-conditioning units,” Georgia explains. “I imagined them to be lonely for some reason, and I wondered whether they watched humans like I watched them. ‘So Free So Lonely’ is the product of one of those days. Looking out at the pigeons and letting my mind wander off with them.

Fish Bird Baby Boy boasts lyrics that can be interpreted as anthemic and universal though they’re all grounded in Nott’s personal lived experience. The EP’s singles “Easier To Run,” “Happiness is an 8 Ball,” and “Oh Lana” exemplify the breadth of Georgia’s unique songwriting talents and prowess, where shimmering guitar-driven anthems sit alongside pensive and moving folk songs.

Prepare to be dazzled by this beautiful composition, layers of intricate textures and this glowing intimacy that exudes from the gentle but dynamic vocal harmonies. The course of this release stays with you, the track just captures such a vivid emotional prowess. The delicate voyage compels, the depth of the melody and the gentle movement collides with the sumptuous lead tone and the energy adds this stirring sensation throughout.

Having amassed millions of monthly listeners on Spotify, BROODS has toured internationally as headliners and opened for pop titans like Taylor Swift, HAIM, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, and more. While BROODS remains an important feature of Nott’s life, she’s been quietly working on a solo project under the moniker Georgia Gets By and is now ready to share it with the world.

I’m always making music to combat, you know, life,” she says. “As I was writing these songs, I was opening old wounds.” At the time, she found herself living what she describes as “a nomadic life,” moving between Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand, and beyond as she worked out the songs that would define Georgia Gets By. 

Nott worked with composer/producer Noah Beresin (Christine & the Queens, Blood Orange, Santigold) on Fish Bird Baby Boy, in addition to enlisting friends she’d made throughout her long professional career like Suzy Shinn (Weezer, Panic! at the Disco, Fitz and the Tantrums) and Seth Paris, and more, to contribute to the EP’s production. “The people you meet in the studio and on tour who you really connect with, you hold on to one another,” she says. Those long standing relationships helped her enact her vision, one inspired by artists with uncanny melodic sensibilities, like Adrienne Lenker and Cocteau Twins. Nott shares this quality; the guitar-driven “Easier to Run” has a chorus so explosive it belies any struggle reflected in the lyrics. “Maybe we can find forgiveness/ Maybe we can learn to heal/ But it’s easier to run,” she sings, a layered vocal harmony giving those lines a sense of universality, as if the listener is singing along with her. 

1. Oh Lana

2. Easier To Run

3. Happiness Is An 8 Ball

4. So Free So Lonely

5. Fish Bird Baby Boy

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