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Angharad Releases New Single “I Don’t Know How” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Special

October 30, 2023

Angharad Releases New Single “I Don’t Know How”

Out Now via Libertino Records

Angharad returns with the stunning new single “I Don’t Know How”, a track that reveals another exciting side to her writing.

The striking new release touches on some reflective points and provides an expressive and melodic arrangement that captures heart, soul and provides a real easy connection for the artist and the audience.

Of the new release, Angharad details:

This is my acceptance song. Accepting aging and time’s effects on the body. It’s about being happy in your own skin, and where you are on life’s trajectory. It’s about resisting society’s obsession with looking youthful.”

“I don’t want to surrender to society’s expectations to remain looking youthful as long as possible. I believe there is real beauty in aging, “every line tells a story, every cell’s been on a journey.” …. I decide to look deeper, and question what beauty actually means. Beauty lies within the eye of the beholder. Beauty isn’t superficial, it’s more than a picture.

Angharad is back again with this fearless approach to accept themselves, to accept womanhood and the time that’s passed, a concept everyone has to deal with and so few know how to recognise. With the new single the intimate thoughts that are quesionned internally, these are powerfully bought to the surface with yet another striking ensemble from this vital artist.

The lyrics pattern with this delicate melody, resonating with the nature of the composition. The lyrics immediately draw the listener into the heart of the immersive world and keep the attention fixated on the emotion and the power of the words.

This has been the year for Angharad, her sincerity comes to life through the music- the musician has this natural ability to provide connection within the tones, textures and the tales. Another affectionate arrangement that delivers the ultimate harmonic hook, the power of this ensemble blisters from start to finish.

‘I Don’t Know How‘ by ANGHARAD is out now on Libertino!




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