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TR/ST Releases Surprise 5 Track EP “TR/ST EP”  Out Now via Dais Records Featuring. Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) & Cecile Believe | Release Feature

January 29, 2024
Photo credit: Sarah Pardini


Releases surprise five-track EP titled ‘TR/ST EP’  Out Now via Dais Records
Featuring. Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) & Cecile Believe
New album coming soon

TR/ST (fka Trust) is the musical alias of producer, singer, and performer Robert Alfons. Born in Winnipeg, Canada (but based in Los Angeles for the past decade), he has released a string of celebrated albums fusing swooning synth-pop, confessional darkwave, and anthemic emotion: TRST (2012), Joyland (2014), The Destroyer – Part One (2019), and The Destroyer – Part Two (2019).  In late 2023, TR/ST joined the Dais Records roster, announcing the union with the release of the single Robrash”, while hinting at more new music ahead.

Last week we got to experience the release of the new, minimally titled “TR/ST EP”, featuring four new tracks in addition to “Robrash” : the new dancefloor heater “Run” featuring Canadian hyperop star Cecile Believe, a beautiful cover of the Pet Shop Boys classic 1990 anthem Being Boring featuring Jake Shears,  the delicate and gauzy nearly-ambient composition Evercall, and an official release of the fan favorite “Slug”, previously only released to YouTube in 2015. 

TR/ST EP tracklist:
1. Robrash 
2. Run feat. Cecile Believe
3. Evercall
4. Being Boring feat. Jake Shears
5. Slug 


Robrash – Writers Robert Alfons, Producer Robert Alfons and Nightfeelings, Mixed by Nick Launay
Run feat. Cecile Believe – Writers Robert Alfons and Cecile Believe, Producers Robert Alfons and Cecile Believe, Mixed by Lars Stalfors
Evercall – Writers Robert Alfons and Joel Ford, Producers Robert Alfons and Joel Ford, Mixed by Joel Ford
Being Boring feat. Jake Shears – Writers Chris Lowe and Neil Tennent, Performed by TR/ST and Jake Shears, Producers Robert Alfons and Nightfeelings (Lyrics by Kobalt Publishing). Jake’s vocal engineer Carlos Mas at Strongroom. Mixed by Lars Stalfors.
Slug – Writer and Producer Robert Alfons, Mixed By Damian Taylor

The new EP commences with the gargantuan “Robrash”. The mighty textures that emerge from this track are identified as sinister, brash and completely alluring- TR/ST has this immense power to captivate the listener with the expressive textures and industrial hooks of this mighty landscape. The lyrics sit with this intrusive essence, placed within the realms of the mammoth beats and colossal force of the intensive instrumentation. But the harmonies soften the chaos and direct this emotive influence through the bold and essential sound. The wealth of textures grows and the melody elevates this ensemble to another level as the fierce notions embed further within the vision.

“Run (feat. Cecile Believe)” follows, the vast soundscape appeals immediately but this track takes on a more dancier stance. There are still brash and industrial textures but this arrangement sweeps into focus with this sultry synth rhythm and captivating percussion. The release shifts through various passages where the vocal notes swap between TR/ST and Cecile Believe. The track delivers this euphonious pattern and carefully moves from these two complimenting harmonic approaches. The powerful loops just magnify the intensity of this creation.

“Evercall” brings a slower theme to the record. At just over 2 minutes in length, this track delivers such power through the synth tones and the notes that warble, experimental harmonies punch through the immersive composition ever so slightly. The draw to this arrangement is the volatile atmosphere crafted through the tonality and note placement, as the last of the ambience fades out the EP flows to another mammoth hit.

“Being Boring (feat. Jake Shears)” is the take on the Pet Shop Boys classic, this rendition and collaboration exudes this addictive character and this composition that crafts multi-dimensional textures, layers and expression. The pair still captures the nostalgia which inhibits the original but adds this futuristic complexity to their vision. After the explosive cover, the EP ends on “Slug”, an illusive and dark composition that holds this brooding attention to detail.

This is a record to lose yourself within, a release that is destined to transport the listener and instil excitement.

Alfons confirms they are in the studio working on a new album, expanding their singular sound in ways both cinematic and surprising: “Bigger, better, beautiful, and buried in mud.”


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