Crystal Fighters Return With Brand-New Track “Manifest”

July 17, 2023
Photo credit: Boby Allin

Crystal Fighters Return With Brand-New Track “Manifest”

Crystal Fighters, the part British and part Basque, part old and part new, part pop and part traditional band have shared a new track, “Manifest”, their first new music since 2019’s Gaia and Friends album.

Very much a return the to the signature Crystal Fighters sound, while being very relevant to now, Sebastian Pringle of the band said about the track:

“Manifest” is about manifesting your destiny. We were in the studio on a cold rainy day in London wondering when we might be on the beach sipping a coconut again, and this song was born.”

The track is taken from sessions from their upcoming, not yet announced 5th album, details of which will be revealed shortly.

Very much drawing their influences from Basque culture and mythology, this informs their sound, artwork and visuals, including the cover for “Manifest” which was designed by the band’s favorite contemporary digital artist, Marcelo Pinel. The band said about the artwork:

Continuing our quest of combining the old with the new, Marcelo created us a cyber mystic depiction of a ‘Txatxo’. These mythical Basque beings wake Mother Nature up after winter. “Manifest” is a song about manifesting your destiny. This solitary technicolour Txatxo is sitting on a log contemplating their own destiny. Marcelo’s piece tickles the senses, while reminding us of how epic and mysterious this experience on Earth really is.. just how we like it!

This upbeat and summery composition will brighten your day, this elevated ensemble captivates with this glorious character. The atmosphere consumes the audience and not only provides an expansive adventurous feel, but the track is also brimming with hooks and addictive rhythms.

Currently made up of Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert Vie-rich (electronics, guitars, percussion) and Graham Dickson (guitar, txalaparta), the band released  their debut album, Star Of Love in 2010. Releasing further albums Cave Rave (2013)Everything Is My Family (2016) & Gaia & Friends (2019), the band’s musical fusion and unique style has drawn support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6Music while their contagiously joyous live shows have seen them play festivals, arenas and the odd cave across the globe.

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