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Stuart Pearce Release Debut Album “Red Sport International” – Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records | Album Feature

July 17, 2023

Stuart Pearce Releases Debut Album “Red Sport International”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records

Discover Stuart Pearce, this blazing band hailing from Midlands’ shires described to have a distaste for the contemporary hellscape, left confused and divided after decades of postmodern irony, alienated labour and neoliberal economics. Some might say they’re the Midlands’ premier Beat-Combo, others that they sound like Roberts Lloyd and Pollard dicking about with Devo’s synths. What is clear is that whereas most bands merely observe the arc of history, their purpose is to change it.

The band have just released their remarkable debut album “Red Sport International” via Safe Suburban Home Records, you can pre-order the record now available on cassette and LP, link below.

With this explosive collection of 14 unique tracks, the album is destined to impress. Capturing this attentive detail, an imaginative album that is a purely striking debut. Throughout Stuart Pearce keep the audience on their toes, fixated on their immense range of addictive hooks and alternating power. Stuart Pearce enthrals with their supreme energy that rockets this record from start to finish. It’s addictive, it’s infectious and it proudly facilitates this adventurous record to remain exciting and electrifying.

Opening to the gritty track “Forza Garibaldi” which leads this impressive electronic cadence before abruptly entering the harmonious and ardent instrumentation swirling through the soundscape and providing this immense addictive quality for the listener to gravitate to. The experimental attributes play through with the siren soundscape and the electronic soundbite lifts the delirious attention to detail, in just over 2 minutes you are blown away by the magnitude of this blistering composition and its melodic lyrical direction. It’s aggressive yet balanced, a composition that expands into chaos yet consumes you.

This blazing rhapsody of raucous and brash rock continues to enthral as the album moves on its critical journey. As “Naar de Stad” comes into play, Stuart Pearce, a nod to the football icon, embraces this anthemic state, a track that captures the grandeur of this outfit. Whilst the tones scale such a vast pitch and platform through the contagious riffs, this devious drum beat leads to a creative and shifting shuffle and the guitars glide into focus as they move the secure with this elevated zest. The vocal notes deliver a complex, fun and frivolous touch to this dynamic ensemble. “Badd Hunterr” delivered this devious and raspy bass and low-end which comes into its own on this experimental arrangement. Dense tones and this darker brooding creation escalate into this sonically anarchic atmosphere. Elsewhere tracks such as “Future-Now” allows the band to flex with some space to embrace more serious matters lyrically, embedding this raw foundation to the structure as the musicians support the lyrics with a slower and more intense course.

As the album continues, this uncompromising attitude is caught in every attribute this outfit put into their vision, from their tones, their precise stop-starts, the build-ups, the soundbites, the lyrics and the vocal notes, the relentless power of these musicians ignite each landscape. The band capture courageousness and complexity hand in hand. Unafraid to alleviate their vivid characteristics and embrace more experimental traits.

What a bold debut, capturing this perfected range from an outfit that covers so much ground within their creativity. A debut album that delivers on every element, a nod to the recorded quality to convey the ferocity of this compelling outfit, recorded with ease and gripping the listener throughout every single track. This prominent band convey such fearless and destructive characteristics in their record, and that daring display resonates with the listener, provoking their emotions.

Upcoming Shows:

18th July – Peer Hat, Manchester
22nd July – Vaults, York
23rd July – JT Soar, Nottingham
29th July – Deerstock Festival, Nottinghamshire

20th August – Adelphi, Hull
26th August – Newark Festival

15th October – Rough Trade, Nottingham (Rock Against Racism)

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