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Rogue Jones Release New Video For “Off By One” – Out via Libertino Records | Video Exclusive

June 16, 2023

Rogue Jones Release New Video For “Off By One” – Out via Libertino Records

Video Exclusive

One of the most moving releases that graced the world in Spring, was that of “Dos Beb​é​s“, the immersive 11-track album from Rogue Jones. Bethan Mai and Ynyr Morgan Ifan celebrated the release of this standout album that was officially released on March 3rd via Libertino Records. The new album will remain timeless and is destined to be discovered again and again, listen here.

The album was recorded during a 5-year period which started whilst Bethan and Ynyr (Rogue Jones) were expecting their first child and ended just before the birth of their second child. Dau Fabi. Two Babies. Dos Bebés, is an album exploring life in all its messy glory – light and dark, profound and ridiculous. It’s a triumph capturing the sincerity of life.

Off By One” is the second track from the pair’s sophomore album and today we are delighted to share the new video to accompany the release.

Of the single itself, the musicians share the following info on its curation:

Recording with Frank Naughton at Tŷ Drwg is about so much more than recording your songs. Our favourite aspect of the recording is the first half an hour or so spent drinking tea and chatting about some of the incredible things within his head. One of these educational chats introduced us to the ‘Off By One’ error. We’re not sure we can explain it accurately but to our non-scientific mind it’s an error that is made in computing which stems from failure to specify whether the sequence should start at 0 or 1. Do you count the fenceposts or the gaps between fenceposts? Anyway, we liked the thought of something clinical and mathematical being capable of being undone by something so simple so that’s where the song came from. Ynyr had the chord structure and some sort of lyrical skeleton for the chorus which Bethan fleshed out as well as writing the verses. There were an extra 3 verses but we had to cut them in order to fit the album on one 12” disk, however that long version is being released digitally along with the single version.

The single features Bethan Mai on Vocals, Synthesizers, Ynyr Morgan Ifan on Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Frank Naughton on Drums, Synthesizers.

“Off By One” is one of the most enthralling arrangements you will encounter, a release that is perfection in every way. This truly compelling and rich release consumes the listener, latches to the listener’s own sentiment and by allowing such raw emotions to dazzle, provides this allurement to connect to the exploration.

Rogue Jones is an outfit known to capture affection within their creations, but this explosive track conveys more weight than most classics. The call-and-response electronic synth note loops with the delicate guitar passages and the sustained presence of the initial alternative tone bring an innovative touch to a very serene soundscape. The serene essence cements itself into the foundation of the voyage, but the track shifts to more experimental, euphoric plains. When the chorus breaks and the lyrics delve into this reflection, the warmth overrides the direction and establishes itself as crucial. Through the fragile landscape that shifts with the robust tones and the kaleidoscopic enhancement from the soaring synth lines and the striking drum hits. The harmonies glide above the complexity and bring this intimate, raw attribute, directing the arrangement towards that dazzling finale.

This masterpiece rightfully deserved a film to keep the spirit going and as per the track, the film captivates. The vivid colours in the film are carefully placed to mirror the vivid hue of the atmosphere.

Discussing the making of the film, Rogue Jones comment: The video sticks quite closely to the narrative of the song and shows the Stevie referred to in the lyrics suffering the effects of an Off By One error. His personal computer comes to life and tries to help Stevie solve the conundrum – eventually resorting to summoning a version of Stevie from the future to assist.

The video stars Harri Rees as Stevie, Bethan Mai as the computer, both of whom are members of Rogue Jones. Stevie from the future, is played by legendary Welsh actor Ioan Hefin, who’s credits include ‘Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ (Tim Burton) and Sky’s ‘Gangs of London’ and recently starred in S4C/Channel 4’s ‘Y Golau/The Light in the Hall’. Not only is Ioan Hefin a wonderfully charismatic and versatile actor, but he is also a gifted trumpet player and he plays on two tracks from Dos Bebés.

The video was shot on location in Pen-bre, Carmarthenshire over the course of a day (minus the hour or so that Ynyr and Bethan had to disappear to a parent’s evening!).

This video deserves to be experienced and appreciated, and to those that created it, to Director Ynyr Morgan Ifan, Director of Photography: Gareth Bull, Cast: Bethan Mai, Harri Owain Rees, Ioan Hefin, Prop Design: Steffan Ebsworth, Editing : Gareth Bull and Grade : Pixy Jones – this film will leave its mark just as the album has.

Get The Album- https://www.libertinorecords.com/



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