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TELGATE Share New Music Video For Single “Gammon”

May 14, 2023
Sam Stevens

TELGATE Share Video For Single “Gammon”

Last month TELGATE unleashed their prolific new single “Gammon“, a track that deserves to be heard by so many. To accompany the release, TELGATE now share their video for the release. Watch the extremely powerful video featured below.

TELGATE slams into their immense new arrangement, smashing the cymbals and the fierce drum breakdowns, paving the way for the explosive squelchy lead rhythm. The introduction to this element is followed by the gritty bass stepping with the notes. The vocal notes emerge, scaling the exploration with this vast melodic appeal and shifting through such power.

TELGATE forms these compelling landscapes and with their explosive new journey, this new level of hyper exudes from the structure and the tonality. This outfit captures this stirring movement within their vision, not only do they deserve to be heard, they challenge the world within their words. Resilience is embedded in the core of this release, the lyrics demonstrate such a fearless stance, there is no way any listener can’t be moved and altered by this release. Telgate have your full attention, their power feels unlimited.

The track leads to this sonically surging almighty crescendo, all musicians unite for their ferocious finale whilst this lo-fi sample weaves through the depth of their crushing composition. TELGATE creates music that enthralls this revolutionary essence. “Gammon” will instigate change, TELGATE has just released a track dominating this profound invincibility.

Of the new single Casper James shares:

“How can I feel proud of a country that’s never felt proud of me? The only pride I feel is pride for my family who marched from the mines, pride for the resilience that my community has to continue to exist, pride towards their efforts to fight, to care for one another and to love while living within the chains of self-interested rulers who shift their sympathies towards profits rather than people.”

Gammon is not a song to revolt against the working class people of Britain, it is a song calling for the working class people of Britain to revolt, together. How much longer will we succumb to being frozen by the 1%? How much longer will we allow private school delinquents to dictate the lives they could never comprehend living? Make decisions on our bodies, make decisions on how we love, make decisions on what we are worth, slaughter our healthcare system in the name of profits and leave the sick to die?

They will turn us against each other, they will fearmonger, they will make boogeymen of the most marginalised because they know that if the people had solidarity, the people would be powerful – and that scares them. There are more of us than them. And they should be afraid because I trust the intellect of the working class people of Britain, who are increasingly coming to the undoubted conclusion that enough is enough. Dress the suits in red, put them to bed.

The flag is already in flames, the confidence in our country burns rapidly. I didn’t destroy the flag, it was destroyed long before I set foot on this earth through the horrors of imperial colonisation, destruction of our earth and the age-long terrorising of the proletariat who are the cogs and gears, the bricks and mortar, to our existence upon it. What does it stand for now? What will you stand for? The power’s in your hands darling, this is Gammon.”

– Casper James, TELGATE

With a duty to start riots in 6’’ platforms, expect fierce androgyny and in-your-face performances along with music which is unapologetically queer, loud, and honest from Aggro-Glam band,TELGATE. Their major musical influences include early psychedelia, glam rock, post punk, and riot grrrl. Paint your lips red and prepare to fall in lust with the queerest side of rock and roll. Through using their platforms to speak up on trans liberation, and collaborating with the likes of local drag acts, LGBT musicians and artists at their shows –TELGATE have also contributed towards pioneering a scene of queer grassroots music in South Wales.

This year is already proving to be successful for the act. Having kicked off 2023 with a sellout headline show at Clwb Ifor Bach, followed by a sold-out show at Rough Trade East (London) which was recorded for the BBC, who have awarded TELGATE with the 2023 BBC Horizons launchpad fund to record new music this year. The band have just played Focus Wales Festival and are currently in the midst of a May UK tour with Canadian art-punk duo Grimelda.



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