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Sumos Release Debut Album “Surfacing” – Out Now via Meritorio Records and Safe Suburban Home | Release Feature

May 12, 2023

Sumos Release Debut Album “Surfacing”

Out Now via Meritorio Records and Safe Suburban Home

Manchester’s scuzz-pop quartet Sumos today unveil their debut album “Surfacing”. This ambitious record is a truly remarkable milestone for the band and captures the immersive qualities of their vision. The album is out via Meritorio Records, Spain and in the UK via Safe Suburban Home.

Sumos originally began as a bedroom recording project between Joel Sloan (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Kyle Tarbuck (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) after a hiatus from playing together in a previous band. They then became a four-piece, adding Kyle’s sister Siobhán Tarbuck on Bass and Andy Kilroy on Drums. Sumos debut album “Surfacing” is their flawless follow-up to their home-recorded EP ‘Weird Summer’ in April 2020.

Sumos capture this youthful character within their explorations, this character that ignites this connection to the listener, allowing them to revisit this hopeful innocence thanks to the tonal instruction of Sumos. The outfit has the ability to capture this influx of emotion within their work which becomes so easy to resonate with.

Finding A Way” commences the album’s proceedings and captures this infectious melody and lightness through the complex contrast to the lyrics, a track that embraces this timeless quality, it could so easily have been released in the early 00s and yet still feels so innovative in 2023. This timeless appeal flows into the tracks which follow.

Enemies” jumps into the fierce and rhythmic pace, sweeping the listener into the bold release. This surge of aggression plays through the tempo, the track impresses with the robust drum shuffles and playful riffs that add this electrifying injection into the soundscape. This almighty driving force keeps the intensity ramped from start to finish and the mighty cadence of the composition keeps you fixated on the expressive power of this creation. “Blood Blisters” follows and provides a slightly slower shift to the force. The cutting stop-starts and the emphasis on the free-flowing guitar notes that soar above the wealth of textures, the vocal notes embrace a darker touch with the lyrics. This track contains this fierce vocal performance which balances intensity and vulnerability, united with this direct delivery.

Elsewhere on the album tracks such as “Come On Over” captures this sincerity into the powerful release, shifting the journey to more vital passages by allowing sincerity to shine through the tender words and raw vocal notes. The power emitting from the vocal melodies feels like this outfit has been established for much longer. A raucous and real exploration. The boisterous drum beats lead to the squelchy guitar tones and driving rhythms, intoxicating. “The Other One” re-ignites their rock vision and the energy of this ferocious track just dazzles. Notably throughout the album, Sumos give a nod to their previous bedroom recording process and rely on the lo-fi vocal qualities which in turn, add immediate warmth to their vision.

As you embrace the experience of “Surfacing” it’s clear you are embarking on this journey proud to delve into this full spectrum of sounds, influences and expressive range. Sumos have delivered this record which can propel the outfit as a visionary in its own right.

Surfacing” embraces such escapism amongst its impressive collection of tracks. Each track fits perfectly on this album whilst dynamically offering up this compelling range and the frenetic energy of this outfit is recorded to reflect the enthralling vitality of the musicians.





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