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The Drums Share New Two-Song Stand-Alone Single “Plastic Envelope/ Protect Him Always”- Out Now on ANTI- 

May 14, 2023
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Share new two-song stand-alone single “Plastic Envelope/ Protect Him Always”
Out now on ANTI- 

Following the release of last month’s comeback single “I Want It All,” The Drums now return with a duo of brand new songs: Plastic Envelope and the accompanying vignette Protect Him Always.” Ripe with introspection, the pair of tracks find Jonny Pierce – founder of The Drums – accepting and nurturing each version of his younger self against a backdrop of gently-fluttering guitars. Listen to “Plastic Envelope” and “Protect Him Always” now below via ANTI-. 

On new track “Plastic Envelope”, Pierce offered “Plastic Envelope is about the pain that comes when your trust has been violated and the dread of not knowing if you could open your heart again the same way,” says Pierce. “The second song, Protect Him Always is an apology to the young boy in me, who I try my best to protect, knowing that when I get hurt, he gets hurt all over again” 

The gentle rhythms and elevated tones that bring this crisp and slightly upbeat flutter to the instrumentation and the nod to the rosy soundscape starkly contrast the intimate and raw lyrics. Intimacy and tender lyrics join the landscape and capture the dynamic emotive current of the release. The striking sensation of the affectionate ensemble challenges the listener to embrace melancholia through the movement.

As the release moves to the arc of “Protect Him Always”, the soundscape devours emotional cadence through the strings and the repetitive lyrics, the body of the arrangement captures the magic of this outfit and their uncompromised fearless vision. The Drums bring this volatile approach to their vision, fearlessly allowing affection to rule the tender atmosphere, that raw touch allows the power to shine.

With The Drums’ forthcoming album and first studio project since 2019’s Brutalism on the horizon, Pierce initially teased the record with “I Want It All” in April. A work of art that’s as exposed as it is triumphant, the song weaves together a tapestry of soul-searching ruminations, confrontations of childhood trauma and epiphanies of self-acceptance. Since its release, “I Want It All” swiftly eclipsed 1 million streams with placements on dozens of playlists and coverage from the likes of Rolling Stone, Stereogum, FLOOD Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan and more. 
Soaring to alt-pop prestige nearly fifteen years ago with a renowned self-titled debut, The Drums continue to thrive, influence and reinvent with every project. Pierce initially conceived of the band back in 2008 and what resulted was worldwide acclaim and a string of five studio albums that deftly walk the line of aching melancholy and irresistible pop sensibilities, presented through a kaleidoscope of pastel guitars, reverb, modular synthesizers and drum machines. It’s a sound that’s wholly unique, and unmistakably The Drums
The Drums’ music remains timeless, as evidenced by the recent explosion of their song “Money,” which first appeared on their breakout sophomore album Portamento. Transforming into a viral sensation earlier this year – over a decade since it was first released – the song has since bloomed with a second life, eclipsing over 230 million streams on Spotify alone, achieving RIAA Gold-certification, and reaching #1 on the Alternative Global Shazam chart and the #2 TikTok Global Hashtag.

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