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My Name Is Ian Release New Single “Thank You”- Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective & Announce New Album

May 12, 2023

My Name Is Ian Release New Single “Thank You”

Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective & Announce New Album

Cardiff based legends My Name Is Ian, return today with their latest release “Thank You“. The new single is out now, released May 12th via Bubblewrap Collective and is described as a tribute to the people who have supported them over the years, drug smuggling, Stephen Mulhern and falling in love. That description alone should warrant an immediate play.

This infectious rhythm bounces into the landscape joined by the gritty bass lines and the lo-fi vocal notes. The buoyant atmosphere engulfs the audience and brings this sheer vibrancy to the world, elevating the tonality and shifting the elevation to the listener. My Name Is Ian has mastered the art of creating addictive arrangements with twisting tales. Whilst the lyrics bring this contrast to the mood of the release, the characteristics of the lyrical journey and the influx of visceral charm which emits from start to finish of the new exploration truly capture the best of My Name Is Ian.

The outfit continues to impress with its ability to form these mighty, immersive, and mesmerizing arrangements.

There is this electrifying pull to all that My Name Is Ian releases, the new single not only resonates with that magnetism but leads onto the news of the outfit’s forthcoming 8th studio album. The excitement continues.

My Name Is Ian have shared details of their 8th studio album, to be titled “O BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS“. The new single is the first release from the record. The album will be full of the trademark blend of catchy pop melodies, witty lyrics, and infectious energy. Songs about hating your life, loving your life, Norwegian families, coconut crabs, 90s television shows, feeling like a loser, not trusting the government and Peppa pig. There is something for everyone.





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