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Moreish Idols Share New Single “Chum”- New EP Out April 28th via Speedy Wunderground

April 10, 2023
credit: Ollie Weguelin

Moreish Idols Share New Single


Announce New EP, Lock Eyes & Collide

Out April 28 via Speedy Wunderground

South London’s Moreish Idols announce their much-anticipated second EP, Lock Eyes & Collide, will be out April 28 on limited 12″ vinyl and digital release from Speedy Wunderground.

They also share a final single from the Dan Carey produced upcoming EP, “Chum”, a slice of insistent, grungy noise-pop that pairs knowing melody to Sonic Youth-esque dissonance. Tied to a Sambu directed video, where a deranged TV presenter welcomes the band to his late night TV show hellscape to perform the single, they had the following to say regarding the themes to both their new single and the latest EP:

“‘Chum’ is our latest single, a sacred offering to the hungry sharks out there. It’s a bittersweet story about a pair of lost souls getting mad at each other.

Our new EP ‘Lock Eyes and Collide’ is born out of a shift in artistic approach. Focusing more on personal experiences and how people can change when they collide with life’s challenges. 

We’ve tried to shed light on the strengths of each of our roles within the band with care and vulnerability, giving each of us a place to be heard.”

Moreish Idols have this electrifying energy, immediately found and recorded in such a flawless manner that the energy captivates the audience. “Chum” starts with these ferocious hooks, weaving this mammoth wall of sound through the piercing fast friction. The mighty bass joins with the epic drum shuffles, the journey impresses with the showcase of this chaotic flurry of massed instrumentation. The heaviness alternates through this torpedo of textures, gravitating towards intensive highs and then sudden sweeter passages. Fused with the softer vocal harmonies calming the erratic soundscape, touching the structure with this affectionate, raw, and fragile appeal.

The instrumentation seemingly twists and turns and brings this brash rhythmic pull into the creation, the traction is mesmerizing, Moreish Idols have this fearless commitment to shift their time signatures and bounce between their explosive side to their volatile approach. Moreish Idols have just dropped this shimmering, kaleidoscopic composition boasting their immense talent and ability to excite their listeners.

Since the start of the year Moreish Idols have released both the arch recent single “Between These Ears” and the acclaimed “Nocturnal Creatures”, a woozy slice of indie-pop that demonstrated an already tight songwriting team growing only stronger. In a recent BBC 6 Music Roundtable on Steve Lamacq’s show said single was rated a glowing 9/10 by all three guests.

Their debut EP, Float, landed last year and saw international support from the likes of Stereogum, The FADER, NME, BBC 6 Music and more.

1. Nocturnal Creatures

2. Between These Ears

3. Green Light

4. Chum



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