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Bayonne Shares New Single and Heartfelt Video Compilation “Words” – New Album “Temporary Time” out 26th May via Nettwerk

March 2, 2023
Photo Credit: Eric Morales 

Bayonne Shares New Single and Heartfelt Video Compilation “Words”

New Album Temporary Time out 26th May via Nettwerk

Roger Sellers, aka Bayonne, drops new single and heartfelt compilation video for “Words” off his upcoming studio album, Temporary Time, releasing via Nettwerk on 26th May. He also announces a forthcoming North American headlining tour.

Bayonne describes the new single, “In many ways, Words is a pinnacle of the record to me. I mean this in terms of musicality and sonic creativity. The meaning is a bit all over the place, but there is definitely a kind of Part A/Part B quality because it was written through a longer and emotionally denser period of time. The first half is more of a contemplation of a romantic relationship that I was involved in at the time. Second half pulls in more of the record’s concept – self-help/discovery.”

He continues, “I love the transition between first and second section. Around 2:24 it feels like it all hits cruise control. This is kind of a moment of clarity. Realizing that I’m overthinking problems. This is when I start expressing more external/social feelings and get a bit positive and satirical. “Useless Millennial / Happiness is on the phone / I think you should take it / Time for you to let it go.”

The compilation video for “Words” features home footage from Bayonne’s childhood. The audio from these home videos is laced ethereally throughout the beauty that is Temporary Time. The most moving part of this compilation piece are the moments in time captured of his dad, who sadly passed away last year. Learning to edit video, Bayonne spent hours sifting through old family VHS tapes to craft this emotional and nostalgic piece.

Bayonne vividly creates this cosmic yet delicate foundation for the growing attentive loops and mesmeric passages to latch onto and expand. This vast, consuming composition captures the best of this evolving musician. From start to finish, this arrangement embraces this cathartic drive.

The video itself is a joyous reflective tribute to life, family, and cherished, important memories. To somehow capture such nostalgic pairings in the course of the instrumentation is a true triumph for this artist. Exploring such emotive currents, from the elongated vocal harmonies gliding above the complex yet addictive array of essential textures.

Every curation from Bayonne that we get to hear, and be a part of, feels like an invitation into Sellers’ intimate world and that invite, the ability to embrace the affection that channels through this orbit, it’s an almighty exaltation.

Bayonne announces his upcoming headline tour throughout North America that will kick off in late May in Phoenix and will make stops in Los Angeles, New York, and more. A full list of dates is below. Tickets available now: bayonnemusic.com

Temporary Time also features recent releases “Is It Time,”“Solo,” and “Right Thing.” Bayonne veers into the propulsive dark-pop of “Right Thing,” one of several tracks featuring the ghostlike samples of audio lifted from his family home movies. While Bayonne wrote and recorded his first two albums in solitude, he took to a more collaborative approach with his third full-length, bringing in outside ideas via co-production credits with Jon Joseph and fellow Austin native Danny Reisch, who also mixed the record.

Pre-Order Temporary Time on limited edition electric blue vinyl HERE. 



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