Maybeshewill Set To Reissue First Two Albums on Vinyl For The First Time

February 6, 2023

Maybeshewill Set To Reissue First Two Albums on Vinyl For The First Time

Almost fifteen years after their original releases, Maybeshewill are making their first two albums – ‘Not For Want of Trying’ and ‘Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony’ – available for pre-order on vinyl for the first time.

The band state:

“Looking back from a decade and a half later they feel like the product of a different band and a different time. In many ways they are. Both were recorded in rehearsal rooms, spare bedrooms and borrowed spaces around our city with equipment we cobbled together and with a lot of help and contributions from friends and Leicester’s wider music community. We never imagined they would be heard by as many people as they have been and it is incredibly flattering and constantly surprising to us that they have been taken to heart as enthusiastically as they have been. That so many of you have asked us whether there will ever be a vinyl release of either album is genuinely incredible to us.”

Pre-order both albums now –

Since 2006 Maybeshewill have released 5 full-length albums of towering, cinematic instrumental music. After a decade-long career that saw them tour across four continents, they bowed out in 2016 with a sold-out show at London’s Koko. Having reformed briefly in 2018 at the request of The Cure’s Robert Smith for a show at Meltdown Festival, 2021 saw the band return with their first new material since 2014’s Fair Youth. Having worked on ideas separately in the intervening years, it was the sketches of music that would become their new album  ‘No Feeling is Final’ that pulled the band back together. Building on the songs that they felt needed to be heard, together

The band are also set to perform at Portals Festival in London on 28th May.

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