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Show Dogs Release Debut EP ” Y Wladychfa (a Trilogy)” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

November 20, 2022

Show Dogs Release New EP “Y Wladychfa (a Trilogy)”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

At the start of this month, Show Dogs dropped their standout debut EP “Y Wladychfa (a Trilogy)”.

Show Dogs are an outfit composed of members of long-standing Cardiff stalwarts TJ RobertsRainbow Maniac and AHGEEBEE, Show Dogs are described as melding acerbic observations of contemporary Welsh life with deeply personal reflections, set to a chamber-pop soundtrack. Their new 3-track EP is out in the world for us all to enjoy, the first of three EPs to be shared throughout late 2022 to early 2023.

The collection is described as being inspired by musical heroes Wilco, Bill Callahan and Purple Mountains the band’s lineage of americana inspired indie-rock is at its most obvious throughout ‘Y Wladychfa’. Engineered and produced by Thomas V Westgard and Secondson (Danielle Lewis, Super Furry Animals) at After Life Studios.

Opener Pennsylvania commences with this delicate concentration on the intricate melodies that start to build the immersive structure. This vast energy exudes from the notes and ignites with the vocal harmonies that join the ambiance. The tonality that shines throughout the first track brings this commendable warmth to the atmosphere, the warmth becomes this easy connection between the world and the audience, hooking the listener as the lyrics identify the vivid voyage. This ensemble showcases the best of the tones, drum shuffles, and mesmerizing guitar rhythms, lacing folk tones with this distinct nod to midwestern attributes. From your first introduction to this record, you are introduced to the sublime Show Sogs as they produce viscerally executed folk rock.

What follows next is the adventurous and vast composition Arthur and Dylan at the Chelsea, this release is pivotal to capture the ambitious nature of Show Dogs as they carefully piece together this expedition for all to embark on. A release meandering through such detailed passages as the track focuses on this unpredictable path. Dynamically shifting the instrumentation and allowing clear breaks in the affection that grows throughout, chopping between melodies and the intensity, the journey embraces this state of flux that flourishes at every turn. Ending on this mammoth surge of fuzz.

The fuzz flows from the final few bars of this track and courses through the last track. Once more the audience takes in the wild aspects of the final track Hollywood Stole My Life. Ending this expressive collection of tracks on their most immersive arrangement on the record. Capturing this immense energy and more aggressive attitude captured with such ease throughout. It’s raw, resilient, extremely addictive, and relies on the punchy tonality which thrives and dominates the atmosphere. The growling feedback and fuzz initiate the release joined instantly with the expressive vocal harmonies offering repeated, lasting lyrics. The ambiance grows with the addition of the instrumentation and complex hooks that layer the release, these attributes are found within the scratchy guitar rhythms, vigorous drum beats and shuffles, plentiful textures of the jaunty notes combined with the eccentric noodling riffs that briefly wade in. With the final track, Show Dogs showcase their ability to create such a dazzling creation of anthemic status.

Overall the new EP boasts a timeless aesthetic. A release filled with melody and tracks you keep coming back to, three ensembles that capture this immense range from the musicians but their focus is the strength in songwriting and ability to build such complex compositions. We are already looking forward to the EPs which are set to follow.




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