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Introducing: AUTUMNBOY – New Single “Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep” Out Now via Beth Shalom Records

October 1, 2020

Autumnboy Releases New Single ‘Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep’

Out Now Via Beth Shalom Records

Autumnboy has teamed up with Beth Shalom Records to release his new single ‘Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep’.

The track is described as giving a brief but intense look into his ongoing struggles with mental health. While having gritty and honest lyrics about the pain felt in bouts of depression, Autumnboy even still seems to give a slightly hopeful spin on his lyrics. 

“Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep” is a profound and raw composition from a visionary artist. Lyrically, this new release connects to the listener on such an intimate level. You can feel Autumnboy pouring their own emotions into this orchestration, the lyrics resonate with the artists’ own emotion- be it moments of disparity, disbelief, fear, anger, truth- all of this exudes into the gripping vocal deliverance. This ability to connect to the listener, mixed with the infectious soundscape, you quickly become hypnotized to this musical direction.

The release exudes a meditative essence, as the reflective release delves into crafting layers upon layers of experimental elements to boost the swaying yet abrasive riff that flows throughout. The release in its entirety feels cathartic, you join this compelling musician on their journey and you tackle the complex arrangement as one, you truly relate to the artist and can feel the expressive lyrics mixed into the immersive experience.

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