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Dougie Poole Shares New Single “High School Gym”

August 21, 2022

Dougie Poole Shares New Single “High School Gym”

Dougie Poole is a musician from New York City, currently residing in Maine. His last LP, The Freelancer’s Blues, was released in 2020 on Wharf Cat Records (Water From Your Eyes, Lily Konigsberg), and saw praise from outlets like PitchforkBillboardBrooklynVeganFADER, and VICE, who called it one of the Best Albums of 2020, describing it as “equal parts heavy and hilarious”. Now, Poole is back with a new single entitled “High School Gym“, a song that might be the most plainly emotional entry in his catalog to date. 

The energy of this ensemble hooks you immediately, propelling the audience into the midst of the hypnotic passages. As soon as Dougie’s vocal harmonies join the alluring atmosphere, this instant connection to the artist, the words, and the affection is triggered. That connection fixates throughout. The depth of warmth that Poole puts into this composition is something else. The resonating tones, buoyant drum beat, elevated low end, and gripping guitar loops all contribute to the mesmerizing mood of this cut. A plethora of rich textures and touching vocal tones collide for this sensational, moving arrangement.

The new single showcases this expressive soundscape where melody and melancholy fuse together.

Where Poole has often been lauded for his ability to articulate the common discomforts of day to day existence, with Aquarium Drunkard calling him the “patron saint of millennial malaise” for songs like “Vaping On The Job” and “Los Angeles”, a song about feeling the urge to move to the West Coast and then deciding not to. On “High School Gym“, however, Poole approaches a bigger feeling with his customary down to earth demeanour and eye for detail, bringing sharp emotional insight to an examination of the experience of lingering grief. 

When somebody that you love dies, they might visit you in your dreams,” says Poole. “They can ask you things or tell you things. The conversations continue, and feel perfectly real. Little gifts your brain can give itself. I’ve asked around and I think it’s a somewhat common thing when you lose someone, and so I wanted to write “High School Gym” about a dream I have sometimes. Everybody I know who is dead gathered together in my high school gym, a place that disappeared a long time ago.

Poole is finishing up the follow-up album to The Freelancer’s Blues. The album was written in the winter of 2021 while he was working for an underwear website, and he recorded it with Katie Von Schleicher (who performs with Purple Mountains, New Pornographers, and Neko Case) and Nate Mendelsohn (of Market). 

Tour Dates
9/1 – Tuscon, AZ – HOCO Fest
9/3 – Los Angeles, CA – Gold Diggers
9/9 – Elizabethtown, NY – Otis Mountain Get Down 


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