Tera Melos- Violitionist Sessions

December 12, 2011
Here at Circuit Sweet we regularly feature and praise the work of Violitionist Sessions. Following a recorded session with favourites’ Tera Melos back in November, the session has been uploaded to view and listen to now.
The Violitionist Sessions are 3 questions and 3 songs with bands from Denton and bands passing through Denton, recorded in a home in the best music city in the country. The sessions are all recorded live with no overdubs and no fancy tricks.
The goal is to document a moment in time. This is what happened in Denton, Texas.
This website is the continuation and evolution of the award nominated Gutterth Podcast. As a result of this change, most of the sessions before the launch in Jan 2011 may not strictly follow the “3 Questions, 3 Songs” format.

Recorded by: Michael Briggs

Tera Melos – “Melody Nine” 

To read the 3 questions and watch So Occult/Kelly and improvisation live videos continue to the Violitionist Sessions Site Here- http://violitionist.com/2011/12/tera-melos/

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