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Bonnie Trash Share New Single & Video “Perfect Moment (A Beautiful Reunion)”

August 31, 2022
Photo credit: Dana Bellamy


Share new single & video “Perfect Moment (A Beautiful Reunion)”
Italian folklore-inspired debut album ‘Malocchio’ out October 28th on Hand Drawn Dracula

 Bonnie Trash, the work of Canadian-Italian twin sisters Emmalia and Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor, have shared a new single & accompanying video from their debut album, ‘Malocchio’, which is set for release on October 28th via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“Perfect Moment (A Beautiful Reunion)” is one of the album’s slower moments. Wrapped in dense swathes of crescendoing guitar, the track is a shadowy and euphoric song about the moment of dying and being reunited with your lost loved ones.

The band share the track with a video shot and directed by Sam Maloney, commenting: “How do you see yourself dying? How do others see you dying? How does it feel to be left to die, when there’s nothing else you can do, waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment of one last euphoria: a beautiful reunion. This song is a genuflection to all of the nonni who passed during the pandemic and could not be held.” 

Bonnie Trash absolutely dazzle in this brutal landscape they’ve created reflected in the accompanying film. The plethora of compelling hooks within the creation is reflected in the dark film.

A piercing ambiance pulls you in and grows with the grandeur, ever so striking and slightly devious. The brutal thrashy soundscape showcases the array of scratchy angular attributes and sharp cymbal hits before the thunderous drum beat emphasizes the shift in intensity. The contrast from the raw atmosphere to the sudden introduction to the commanding vocal notes, softer harmonies weave between the industrial tones, completely consuming, affectionate, and moving. Lashes of angular tones fuse with the stirring drum beat and aggressive attributes. Whilst this devious atmosphere develops, the dreamy vocal notes provide this soft yet expressive edge to the fierce world. The audience is hooked on the immense vocal harmonies and the range they offer, bringing this influential shift to the compelling and touching journey of “Perfect Moment (A beautiful reunion)”. Another release that solidifies this duo has crucial.

Sonically, ‘Malocchio’ connects the threads between metal, post-punk, shoegaze and gothic rock, with Emmalia’s guitar work recalling the likes of Black Sabbath, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. Singer/drummer/lyricist Sarafina’s voice leaps out of the mix with a commanding presence, summoning hints of PJ Harvey or Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Combined with these influences, the duo’s unique approach to their lyrical content really puts them in a school of their own. Inspired by communication theory, social commentary, horror, and ancestral folklore, the sisters approach their songwriting as a conceptual research project into their own family heritage. As second-generation Italian-Canadians, the Bortolon-Vettors became fascinated by the stories told by their Nonna and the connections between Treviso in Northern Italy and their hometown of Guelph, Ontario.
The album begins with the voice of Nonna Maria, their 93-year-old maternal grandmother whose life story inspired the creation of ‘Malocchio’. The crackly recording of an interview with Maria, accompanied by an apocalyptic drone, sets the tone of doom to come. After emigrating to Canada in the late ‘50s and starting a family, Maria must move back to Italy after the death of her father-in-law. Maria’s family is cursed and haunted by the early deaths of those who purportedly received the evil eye long ago. Maria experiences life-threatening omens and supernatural experiences, signifying a need to return to Canada before the curse takes her family.
This chilling work builds on the reputation for thought-provoking horror-rock established with their 2017 debut EP, ‘Ezzelini’s Dead’. That six-song collection was based on the myth of Ezzelino III da Romano, a cruel medieval tyrant from their family’s hometown, San Zenone degli Ezzelini — who was reputedly a cannibal.
‘Malocchio’ was co-produced by the band and Josh Korody (Vallens, Fucked Up, Nailbiter, Breeze, Beliefs) at his studio, Candle Recording in Toronto. COVID slowed down the planned recording schedule, but the additional time gave the duo a chance to strip down the sound to its fundamentals and dig deeper into their “apocalyptic emotional doom” aesthetic, as Korody pegged it. In the fall of 2020, Korody sent three mixes to his label boss, James Mejia, which piqued his interest, and with ‘Malocchio’, Bonnie Trash joins the roster of esteemed Canadian indie label, Hand Drawn Dracula.

‘Malocchio’ track list:
1. Maria
2. Have You Seen Her
3. Silence Is A Killer
4. Teeth
5. Lashes on Fire
6. Goodnight My Dear
7. Perfect Moment (A Beautiful Reunion)
8. Out At Sea
9. Basta



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