October 21, 2015





“Dramatic as Hell” – Noisey

“Expect to feel transported and mesmerised” – Daily Telegraph


Mogwai and Starkey have both chosen to reinvent the track ‘Drop’ – the third piece on Einaudi’s new album ‘Elements’, but each version offers a completely different interpretation.

Post-Rock legends Mogwai, who are huge fans of the Italian composer and pianist, have introduced a pulsating electronic bass line beneath the piano melody, giving the track a new intensity.

Meanwhile Ninja Tune artist Starkey, who enjoyed huge success with his remix of Einaudi’s 2013 track ‘Experience’ (famously used in the British Airways advert ‘Today. Tomorrow’), has added additional harmonies and his trademark glitch beats to ‘Drop’, creating an immersive and atmospheric new version.




Released on DECCA RECORDS: 16 October 2015


Groundbreaking composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi – whose unique musical style is renowned around the world – returns with a new album ‘Elements’, released on 16th October on the Decca label.

Recorded this year at Einaudi’s Italian home, ‘Elements’ features 12 tracks, which interweave piano, strings, percussion, guitar and electronica and it is simultaneously exhilarating and transcendent. It is inspired by nature’s elements, mathematical and scientific elements, musical forms and works of art.

Says Einaudi: “I saw new frontiers – on the edge between what I knew and what I didn’t know – that I had long wanted to explore: creation myths, the periodic table, Euclid’s geometry, Kandinsky’s writings,  the matter of sound, and of colour, the stems of wild grass in a meadow, the shapes of the landscape. For months I wandered in a seemingly chaotic mix of images, thoughts and feelings. Then, gradually, everything came together in a dance, as if all the elements were parts of the same world, and myself within it.”

Einaudi has gathered together a talented group of musicians for the new album – ‘Ludovico’s band’ includes Francesco Arcuri, Marco Decimo, Mauro Durante, Alberto Fabris, Federico Mecozzi and Redi Hasa.  ‘Elements’ also features the Dutch string ensemble Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Berlin electronic musician Robert Lippok, the percussionists of the Parco della Musica of Rome, the Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco and acclaimed violinist Daniel Hope, who plays on the opening song, Petricor.

Einaudi has quietly become one of the most successful musicians on the planet.  His hauntingly beautiful and evocative music tops the classical charts worldwide, particularly here in the UK and in his home country Italy) and he has sold over 1.5 million records.  He is the biggest streamed classical artist in the UK with over 130 million streams.

Einaudi created the album’s cover artwork – drawing a variety of different symbols and illustrations, which echo the recording.  “If it wasn’t music, it would be a map of thoughts: sometimes clear and distinct, sometimes overlapped: points, lines, shapes, fragments of an ongoing interior flow.”

Einaudi has provided music for more than 20 films including Shane Meadows’ ‘This Is England’ and the TV sequels ‘This Is England ‘86’, for which he earned a BAFTA nomination, ‘This Is England ‘88’, and the forthcoming ‘This Is England ‘90’ (on Channel 4 in September) which will feature music from‘Elements’ as well as other Einaudi music.  Einaudi has also provided music for the French Oscar nominee ‘Untouchables’ and Ricky Gervais’ TV series ‘Derek’.

Einaudi has performed to huge crowds at the world’s most prestigious  venues and has even achieved a Top 40 pop hit thanks to a BBC Radio 1 campaign by DJ Greg James.  His most recent UK dates include sell-out performances at Blenheim Palace, Hammersmith Apollo, the Barbican and headlining the iTunes festival at the Roundhouse.

His music has been described as minimalist, alt-classical, ambient and contemporary, but it defies easy classification.  He sums it up best: “There is something in it that comes from classical, but I have influences from different music I have experienced in my life, from African music to folk and rock.”


Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin and trained as a classical composer and pianist at the Milan Conservatorio.  He studied under Luciano Berio, one of the most important composers of the twentieth century avant-garde.  After some early prestigious commissions in the classical world Einaudi turned his back on what he regarded as an essentially conservative approach to music to embrace his own enthusiasms, which included African music and folk and the rock music of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, U2 and Radiohead.


He has released 12 studio albums: Time Out (’88), Stanze (’92), Salgari (’95), Le Onde (’96), Eden Roc (’99), I Giorni (’01), Una Mattina (’04), Diario Mali [with Ballaké Sissoko] (’05), Divenire (’06), Cloudland [recorded as the group Whitetree] (’09), Nightbook (’09) and In A Times Lapse (’13), as well as three live albums recorded at La Scala (’03), in Berlin (’08) and at the Royal Albert Hall (’10).

“Situated between classical music’s studied restraint and pop’s eager melodicism” – The Independent

“Pianist with rock god tendencies” – Daily Telegraph

“The unassuming prince of classical-pop crossover” – The Times
“Richly fruitful musical marriage of simplicity and profundity” – Scotsman

“One of the most popular pianists and composers of today” – Classic FM

“Like Radiohead without the vocals: piano meditations softly underscored by electronics” – Record Collector

“Things move in slow motion, moments hang poignantly in the air – he’s carving a soundtrack for lovers, for loneliness, for living and for living rooms” – The Line of Best Fit

Elements – Tracklisting:

1.  Peticor

2.  Night

3.  Drop

4.  Four Dimensions

5.  Elements

6.  Whirling Winds

7.  Twice

8.  ABC

9.  Numbers

10.  Mountain

11.  Logos

12.  Song For Gavin

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