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Rat Tally Shares New Single “Longshot” – Debut Album out August 12th

July 8, 2022

Rat Tally Shares New Single Longshot

Debut Album ‘In My Car’ out August 12th

Singer-songwriter Rat Tally has shared a new track from her upcoming debut album. Single Longshot is an insight into the singer’s anxiety and cyclical thought patterns, adorned with lush instrumentation and elevated by her unique vocal style.

Out August 12th, the debut album from one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters to emerge in recent years, ‘In My Car’ sees Rat Tally (aka Addy Harris) deliver on the promise of her earlier releases and her distinctive candid style both sonically and lyrically. With concise yet poignant lyrics, and guest features from Jay Som and Madeline Kenney, ‘In My Car’ is easily one of the most fully realised debut albums in the indie rock realm.

This is the opening track and one of my favorites off the record. The song is a lot about anxiety and not being able to stop overthinking, so I wanted the verses to feel tense, lyrically and musically” says Harris of the song.

Longshot and In My Car have a wall of quadrupled power chord guitars that my producer Max Grazier recorded that just absolutely smack you in the face. When I wrote it I was really obsessively listening to Fountains of Wayne, XTC, and a lot of 90s and early 2000s hits, and I wanted it to have a big stadium rock vibe. I had this hook that I hummed in the demo and thought I would eventually write words to it, but it works so much better as just a melody riding on top of the huge guitars.”

The melodic creation commences with the focus on the very delicate yet impressive vocal range that flows throughout the voyage. The affection that cuts through the tonality and the tender atmosphere commands your full attention as the audience embraces the fragility of the intimate lyrics and the immersive power of those attributes.

Hailing from Chicago (by way of LA and Boston), Rat Tally emerged in 2019 with an impressively fully formed sound on her self-released debut EP, ‘When You Wake Up’. The release quickly caught the attention of 6131 Records (Julien Baker, Joyce Manor, Katie Malco), who were eager to work with the young, yet clearly very talented musician.

Rat Tally ‘Longshot’ available on DSPs worldwide:

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