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Mint Field Announce New Album “Aprender a Ser” out October 27th via felte & Share New Single  “El Suspiro Cambia Todo”

August 17, 2023
Photo credit: Melissa Lunar


Announce new album ‘Aprender a Ser’ out October 27th via felte 
Share first single & video “El Suspiro Cambia Todo”

Mexico City based psych band Mint Field, made up of vocalist/ guitarist Estrella del Sol and bassist Sebastian Neyra with drum collaborations from Callum Brown (also a member of London’s Ulrika Spacek) announce their new album Aprender a Ser is set for release October 27th via felte. To coincide with the announce, the band are sharing the first single from the record “El Suspiro Cambia Todo” alongside a video directed by Rodrigo Pérez-Galicia.

On the new single, the band said “Sighing is the desire for melancholy. It denotes that something is happening. Sometimes we just need to sigh to let go. Sighing is something we do unconsciously but it says a lot about what is going on inside our mind.”

Director Rodrigo Pérez-Galicia added “An exploration of the different stages of a single verb: ‘Suspiro’ or ‘Sigh’. It’s both physiological and a psychological reaction that applies in many emotional stages. It’s a punctuation mark for our train of thought. It marks a rhythm in our lively experience. We wanted to capture that feeling when our body demands a ‘sigh'” on the visuals. 

We first introduced our readers to Mint Field back in 2017, what a journey this outfit has embarked on. Back ready to enthral their audience, their new single “El Suspiro Cambia Todo” is destined to provide this compelling voyage. The track captures such tension, playing through the textures, the resonating tones and the gentle harmonies that grow throughout. At just over 2 minutes, Mint Field deliver this atmospherical piece with a lasting touch, hypnotic rhythms pulsate through the composition elevated by the emotive vocal notes and the delicate yet expressive melodic range. The musicians convey such affection through the space, through the building of the singing, and the friction of the notes, all combine to provide something wholly unique with a remarkable imprint.

Time. It’s something we tend to cherish. As a band, you’re typically thrown into more than usual stressful scenarios when recording albums and rushing decisions becomes the norm. Whether the studio can only be rented out for a certain period of time due to lack of funds. Or the engineer you want to record with is only available for a small window of time. Whatever it may be, if only we could have more time. Mexico City’s Mint Field knows this all too well. 
Rewind to the spring of 2020 (yes, Covid). The band started fleshing out their new album Aprender a Ser (meaning Learn To Be in English), the follow up to 2020’s minimalist psych/shoegaze album, Sentimiento Mundial. For the first time, the band was not under any time constraints in the recording process. They wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the album in isolation. They had time to slow things down and think more obsessively about the sound, environment and vibe they wanted to create. They learned a lot from past recording experiences in professional studios and ended up recording everything at their home studio so it would feel more intimate, have more control over the sound and more time to construct. 
Aprender a Ser became really intimate, every single detail was meticulously worked on. Mint Field recorded take after take, but at the same time tried to keep the soul of the demos intact. Some of the guitar and drums are first takes on the final versions. The band would let a recording sit, leave it and come back to it. The songs evolved a lot doing so, but at the same time didn’t lose the essence of its original intention. 
Fast forward to January of 2023. During this period, the band recorded approximately twenty-five more songs and trimmed it down to ten, cohesive tracks that fit conceptually while at the same time trying to evolve their sound. During the recording process, they naturally came back to the roots of the Mint Field sound by doing a lot of layering, utilizing different types of reverb and exploring more ethereal, ambient, dream pop and shoegaze sounds.
Thematically, Aprender a Ser talks about opening our perspective of the reality that we live every day, acknowledging each moment that we witness in life. Learning to recognize what we are, what we live, what we see, what we feel. Whether it’s seeing ourselves in the past and observing how we have evolved in the present. Or the lifetime of a butterfly from its formation within a cocoon to how it lives its short life in five days. Or seeing how an orchid slowly opens every day, never forgetting the essence of what we are and will be. Nothing in life should be taken for granted. Living in the present is a gift. Learning to be (Aprender a ser) is learning to recognize our emotions, not repress them, not turn them off and feel them.
With Aprender a Ser, Mexico City’s Mint Field creates a unique blend of avant dream pop and shoegaze with some touches of trip hop that explore the nostalgia and melancholy of daily life with complex rhythms, loud, shimmering guitars, and softly sighing vocals. A true example of how the band is not encapsulated in one genre of sound. The band is led by Estrella del Sol and Sebastian Neyra with drum collaborations from Callum Brown (also a member of London’s Ulrika Spacek).

Aprender a Ser tracklist:
1. El Suspiro Cambia Todo
2. Sueño Despierto
3. Nuevo Sol
4. Puerta Abierta
5. Moronas
6. Horizonte
7. Respiro Profundo
8. Orquídea
9. Cinco Días
10. Antes De Que Se Acabe El Año


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