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The Haunted Youth Release New Single “Broken”

June 2, 2022
Credit: Charlie De Keersmaecker

Belgian Dream-Pop Act The Haunted Youth Release New Track ‘Broken’

The Haunted Youth are proud to unveil the melancholic dream-pop single of ‘Broken’, via Belgium’s Mayway Records.

Broken’ is described as sweeping synthesisers tessellate with pointed guitar riffs to create a new wave-imbued sound which sits in the intersection between genre stalwarts The Cure and the spacious reverb of M83 or Beach House. 

A song fundamentally about loss, this new single skirts a juxtaposition between its confrontational lyrics and the track’s energetic indie-pop percussion. “The song is about feeling lost or helpless after being betrayed in a friendship or relationship you thought would last forever”

That raucous tone exhilarates the intense atmosphere immediately drawing your attention. As the brooding tonality grows and the soundscape embraces the driving percussion elements and additional tweaks and rhythms, the delicate vocal notes soar amongst the gritty instrumentation and bring this affectionate force into the center of this ensemble. This moving release captures your full attention, emotion bounces from the lyrics and the vocal harmonies whilst the complex atmosphere reflect this melancholic character. A remarkable and explosive ensemble.

The Haunted Youth is the musical moniker of Joachim Liebens, who resides in Hasselt, Belgium. These songs, produced and written by Joachim himself, represent an escapism – both physical and mental – from his mid-sized European town.


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