Public Service Broadcasting Share New Single ‘They Gave Me A Lamp’

May 18, 2017


They Gave Me A Lamp (ft Haiku Salut)

new single

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I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be out there doing what I was doing, why I shouldn’t go picketing, why I shouldn’t be in the support group. I think a lot of women found their feet. ” Christian Powell, They Gave Me A Lamp (ft Haiku Salut)

Focusing on the political awakening among the women’s support groups at the time of the South Wales mining strike between 1984-1985, They Gave Me A Lamp is the new single from Public Service Broadcasting and the second to be taken from their upcoming album Every Valley. The track features instrumental, post–rock trio Haiku Salut. LISTEN AND SHARE THE TRACK HERE

Speaking about the importance of having the band on the single and of covering the role of women’s group’s during the strike, J. Willgoose, Esq. explains:

When I was doing the research for this album, one of the stories that leapt out at me most obviously was of the role of women’s support groups in the strike. It seemed like a genuine political awakening for a whole generation of women, who suddenly came to realise both their potential and the power they had to shape the society they were part of; I really wanted to try to do their movement justice. Getting Haiku Salut on board, as well as samples of some of the key women talking about their role in the strike, were important factors for me in putting this song together”.

Focusing on shining a light not just on coal miners but the disenfranchised everywhere and set against a backdrop of industrial decline, Every Valley is a story of dignity and social responsibility. The record sees J. Willgoose, Esq. take us on a journey down the mineshafts of the South Wales valleys, with the stories found there a black mirror to the plight of workers everywhere. The miners’ stories have been transposed into a 21st Century of ‘fake news’, populist politics and a total disregard for the voiceless.


As well as the new single, PSB can also reveal that they will be embarking on a North American tour in September, in addition to a European tour in November. The band will be playing in eleven different cities in North America, including New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. They’ll play thirteen different countries in Europe, playing a total of twenty shows. Full details are on the band’s website. They Gave Me A Lamp is the follow up single to the BBC 6 Music A-ListedProgress ft Tracyanne Campbell.

They Gave Me A Lamp is available to stream/download here

Every Valley is available to pre–order on
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