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Say Sue Me Announce New Album “The Last Thing Left” due 13th May via Damnably & Share New Single “Around You”

March 27, 2022
Photo credit: Lim So


Announce new album The Last Thing Left
due 13th May via Damnably

Share video for ‘Around You’

South Korean indie rock quartet Say Sue Me have marked their long-awaited return with the announcement of new album The Last Thing Left, their first new release since 2018’s critically acclaimed Where We Were Together.

Due on 13th May via Damnably, the band have today celebrated the news by sharing the video for beautiful opening single ‘Around You’, which vocalist and guitarist Sumi Choi says was, “written at the beginning of the pandemic, quite early in the making of the album.”

She continues, “In a world where it became difficult to go outside and meet people freely, I felt like time is totally mine, but I still don’t know how to control it. My thoughts linger and dwell within me and my youth is slipping away. Perhaps when I go outside something is waiting for me that makes me think better than this!”

This melodic creation allows this focus on this pop elevation that gets caught up in the immersive instrumentation. With this sincere thrust of power, Say Sue Me interlocks a nod to surf rock and this tapestry of alluring art-rock that enhances the mighty soundscape. This new single is a truly immersive experience.

Cited as one of 2018’s ‘break-out bands’, Say Sue Me are a Surf inspired indie rock band from Busan, South Korea. Members consist of Byungkyu Kim on lead guitar, Sumi Choi on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jaeyoung Kim on Bass and Sungwan Lim on Drums.

After a flurry of international activity culminating with a debut North American tour at the end of 2019, like everyone else in the world, the band were forced to take a touring hiatus in 2020, and quietly began work on a new album. ‘The Last Thing Left’ was self-recorded and self-produced during lockdown at the band’s own Busan studio. Mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Services and released by Damnably Records and Beach Town Music.

2018’s Where We Were Together largely dealt with the emotional fallout from the absence of dear friend and the band’s original drummer Semin Kang. In October 2019, Semin passed away. Then, the pandemic. Needless to say, these events left their marks on the band, and the new album leans heavily on themes of loss, loneliness, grief and healing, and love.

Opening instrumental track The Memory of The Time signals a passage of time while serving as a continuation to the sonic ending of the last track on Where We Were Together.

Still Here furthers evokes the isolated mood we’ve all felt, especially in the early days of the pandemic whilst lead single Around You is signature Say Sue Me, upbeat melancholy with a 60’s surf guitar twang and 90’s indie rock influences.

We Look Alike’s playful basslines and 16th note guitar rhythms showcase a funkier side to the band’s stylings. The driving beat of No Real Place illustrates the desire in the lyrics to move forward and keep on keeping on. To Dream is the sole Korean language track of the album, angelic vocals paint notes on to a walking beat, liquidic duel guitar solos shimmer and mesmerise. Photo of You begins slow paced with a riff reminiscent of Malkmus that crescendos into a soaring ballad that Roy Orbison could be proud of. Title track The Last Thing Left can be interpreted as an ode to Semin and his lasting legacy on the band. Now I Say is stripped back to haunting vocals and acoustic guitar and a sprinkling of keyboard lines.

George & Janice was written at the beginning of 2019 as a wedding gift for the co-heads of Damnably (“full of the hopeful brightness of bands like the Concretes” – The Guardian). The band had intended for this song to provide the overall atmosphere and beginning point for a new album, but instead, the making of the album became about finding their way back to it.

“This album has the theme of some realization, eventually the realization of love. Love in relationships, love for oneself, and the ultimate love gained after realizing those two things!” Sumi Choi (vocalist, guitarist)


1. The Memory Of The Time
2. Still Here
3. Around You
4. We Look Alike
5. No Real Place
6. To Dream
7. Photo Of You
8. The Last Thing Left
9. Now I Say
10. George & Janice

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