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Margaret Glaspy Announces New Single “Love Is Real” B/W “Heart Shape” due via ATO March 29th

March 1, 2022
Josh Goleman

Margaret Glaspy
Announces New Single “Love Is Real” B/W “Heart Shape”

Singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy is happy to announce the forthcoming release of a new single “Love Is Real” b/w “Heart Shape” via ATO on 29th March

Now she drops the A-side, “Love Is Real“, a song that serves as the perfect ode to love.  Her sublime guitar melds seamlessly with her haunting vocals for the song which will surely resonate both on Valentines Day and throughout the year. 

Margaret shares, “For the last 3 years, I’ve been humming this song. What you hear now is a voice memo of myself and Julian Lage playing it in our Brooklyn laundry room put to a string arrangement recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas.”

“This song has taken on many different meanings and in my mind it has been directed toward different people. In the end, I think I needed to hear this song the most to remember that love is real and that I belong. For all of the heartache that life brings, there is infinite love. Now, maybe it can be a reminder for someone else.”

Stripped back and focusing on the expressive detail of Glaspy’s crucial vocal range. A truthful track, very intimate, the journey carries with the building swirling strings, intensifying those raw lyrics. Margaret has created this insightful, personal ensemble that so many should hear, appreciate, and sing back to themselves. This tender track seemingly captures the wild nature of this affectionate artist.

A very poignant and immersive orchestration from start to finish, this release will leave this almighty lasting impression, hold onto it for as long as possible.


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