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Maya Shenfeld – “In Free Fall” Album Review | Gavin Brown

February 28, 2022

Maya Shenfeld

In Free Fall

Out Now via Thrill Jockey Records

Berlin-based electronic music creator Maya Shenfeld makes music that evokes a lot of different feelings using different sounds, each of which has its own transcendental feel most of all and without a doubt, she definitely enchants with her debut album In Free Fall.  

Shenfeld wastes no time as she introduces the listener to her world with opening number Cataphora,a striking way to open up an album with its stark stabs of noise that create a somber but uplifting feeling about proceedings and it sets things up well, as from then on in, the tracks take all manner of emotions and deliver them in a stark range of sounds and frequencies.

The next track-up, Body Electric, is another perfect example of this as it delivers sounds that are menacing as well as ones that are hopeful, often straight after one another and the results are simply stunning.

Every composition on here, tells a story based on the sounds that it emits with the track Voyager sounding stark and bold. Mountain Larkspur is haunting but transcends into a blanket of warmth while Silver builds and builds with a bold and shimmering feeling of glory.

In Free Fall concludes with the appropriately titled  Sadder Than Water and the triumphant album closer Anaphora (a track that builds and builds and evokes feelings of sunrise and, subsequently, new beginnings) that ends the album on a sheer high in the most beautifully sublime way. This is instrumental music done electronically but also done with a hell of a lot of heart, soul and proper emotion in there as well. There is an undeniably cinematic feel about this record and conjures up all sorts of images as you listen to it, which enhances the experience of listening to these pieces of music.

All in all, In Free Fall is an intense, interesting, and immersive audio experience and one that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to how it makes you feel while listening to it and the emotions that will be set off by it.

“In Free Fall” is out now via Thrill Jockey Records



Words: Gavin Browm

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