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Nisa Releases New EP “Time To Plant Tears” – Out Now | EP Feature

January 8, 2022
credit- Angela Ricciardi and Silken Weinberg

Nisa Releases New EP “Time To Plant Tears” – Out Now

New York City-based artist, Nisa, released her stunning new EP, Time To Plant Tears which arrived at the tail end of last year. This new body of work follows on from her self-released debut EP, Guilt Trip which landed in May 2021.

Earlier this year, the 22-year-old – full name Nisa Lumaj – began work on a new collection of songs that would make up the new EP, Time To Plant Tears. The title takes its name from the final stanza of an Elizabeth Bishop poem called Sestina. Working together with collaborator and producer, Ronnie Di Simone, the songs were recorded between Brooklyn’s Studio G and the Brick Box studio. The new EP demonstrates Nisa’s penchant for intimate storytelling cast against the backdrop of glistening, cinematic soundscapes reminiscent of Angel Olsen, Indigo De Souza, Japanese Breakfast and Soccer Mommy. In describing the mood of the EP, Nisa has said that the songs are centered around “confrontation and focus; weathering internal and external changes; desire, and emotional rebirth.” Intersecting cinematic and poetic frames of reference, it lands between what is said and what is felt.

The new 6 track EP is a full-bodied rivetting journey throughout. The EP commences with this minimal touch from Nisa in “St.James Gate”, a track that allows the ambiance to start to sculpt this tender atmosphere, allowing the powerful vocal harmonies to resonate with such intensity into the stirring single. When this dynamic shift alters the intensity of the ensemble, a surge in tones and ferocity allows for one of the most impressive crescendos to captivate the audience, before a brisk end to the track leaves you needing more from this vital musician.

As the EP flows from one track to another, Nisa allows this platform to showcase the dynamic range of the enigmatic songstress.

“We’re In For It” marks the mid-way point and shows a more volatile ensemble, emotion oozes from the singer as the gentle drum shuffles and rhythmic movement to the song allows the music to transcend into this cinematic piece. This arrangement allows the audience to embrace the honesty of this singer and the lyrics on offer. “Optic Nerve” immediately shatters the atmosphere that flowed previous, allowing this experimental edge to shimmer in the looped notes that initiate the soundscape, the focus on this track comes from the mighty guitar tone that adds such complex textures into this enveloping exploration. “The Savior” provides this harrowing instrumentation intensified with the immersive bursts of horns which add this mighty depth to the touching release, a track that explores this daring break-down and emphasizes the array of expressive effects.

In all this EP delicately fuses this off-kilter pop influence laced with an abundance of emotion, such a promising musician with this raw, unique, and captivating energy. The lyrics will touch you, the mighty peaks become somewhat addictive throughout each song, and the softer passages shine. A heartfelt collection of 6 stunning singles that combined create this forceful impression.



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