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Gentle Party Share New Single “God Complex”

January 7, 2022

Gentle Party Share New Single “God Complex”

Discover the sounds of Gentle Party, the chamber pop trio that are described as pioneers of an expansive sound distinct to their West Coast roots.

Harpist Elisa Thorn (The Giving Shapes, HUE) and JUNO-Award winning violinist Meredith Bates (Pugs and Crows) weave a lush bed of strings with acoustic virtuosity and electronic processing for the hauntingly evocative voice of Jessicka (Hunting, Jessicka) to rest on.

If this is your first introduction to the trio then their flawless new single will blow you away. The new single is described as being written on a tiny Reface CS synthesizer at the LEÑA artist residency on British Columbia’s Galiano Island, “God Complex” is an inquisitive and melodic embodiment of a misogynistic individual who is celebrated in Gentle Party‘s artistic community.

Please forgive me for my god complex, please forgive me while you pray at my feet. The band explains that “so many times people’s ‘apologies’ for their bad behavior are simply spineless virtue signaling, without integrity, values, or behavior change to back it up.”

God Complex” starts with these sweeping notes that start to craft the piercing ambiance, showcasing this distinct ominous friction that provides a compelling influence into the ensemble. The shimmering notes assemble, the atmosphere dynamically shifts to allow the intricate vocal harmonies and acoustic notes to play. The strings emerge and weave amongst the clear layers of this tender track. The lyrics are delivered with such affection and mixing crystal clear into the instrumentation.

Harmonious and emitting this emotional charm from every aspect of this intensive journey. The track builds, intelligently placing crucial layer upon layer into this volatile soundscape and growing the exploration, magnifying each of its addictive qualities until “God Complex” moves towards its startling, all-consuming cathartic crescendo. When the audience is reintroduced to silence and the arrangement comes to its ferocious final note, we long to be part of that harrowing and moving world that Gentle Party created.

Their sophomore album, God Complex, will be released in January 2022. With the generous assistance of Canada Council, in spring 2022 they will also be launching a project called Re:mix, a participatory music creation process that will culminate in the digital release of a compilation album of completed remixes by various artists.

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