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Surprise Attacks Present Sly & The Family Drone / Hipflask Virgins / Brown Torpedo and The Rusty Knives at The Firefly Worcester- Live Review

May 21, 2015


At the tail end of April we were enjoying another incredible Surprise Attacks show at The Firefly in Worcester- seriously support these events they’re every bit insane and each show so different in variety from the last.

SA! have the habit of introducing us to talent from across the globe and curating some of the best line-ups we are witnessing and to have this nearby for us- just brilliant.  And this goes without saying as they hosted Sly & The Family Drone / Hipflask Virgins / Brown Torpedo and The Rusty Knives.

The Rusty Knives kick started the night with their angular scratch no- bullshit punk set. Their heightened performance engaged the crowd .



Brown Torpedo followed, this duo are intellectual noisemerchants and always a must see live. The pair create a sonic wall of sound with deep textures due to their use of electronics, drum machines, kaos pads… you name it their table has it. The dynamic 2-piece will captivate you. Their hypnotizing set featured Electro attributes, Performance Poetry, Improv, Psychedelic noisescapes and fancy dress!





Following Brown Torpedo, promising indie duo Hipflask Virgins performed an energetic dirty set mixing their own worthwhile original material with some well known classics.



 Sly and The Family Drone headlined the evening’s proceedings following the incredible support and performed a mesmerising set. The visceral noise trio from Basingstoke are renowned for causing mayhem.

The band set up for their show away from the set stage and straight in the middle of the room, each musician shadowed by an impressive towering full stack of amps. When it was time to show Worcester what they could do they requested all gig -goers get closer to the instruments and the band itself.

Using only drums and processed cassettes, the three created inspiring elements of avant-garde music and crushing electronics within a relentless wall of sound. That wall of sound drowns the listener as if they are being completely submerged from such fierce oscillations- and the only thing that can break it up is drums- and what did the band provide the audience?- Drums.  With each musician handing drum sticks and a choice of floor toms and snare’s to several individuals in the crowd- they united the room and broke down the barrier between artist and audience, effortlessly engaging every single person in the Firefly. Their aggressive set simply awe-inspiring.

Sly & The Family Drone are creating an abstruse legacy for themselves and we were honoured to be a part of this during their show.







All images by B at Gippa


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